blogging tips?


more pic @ SPV.

i miss blogging.
i really do.
blogging is the place where i can puke up all my sadness and happiness.
blogging is like my precious friend.
i am surely not exaggerate! yuh!
i mean like, you can groom your blog whatever you like, you can share and blabber all you can, what's better than that? right? i guess you're all agree too.

lately i've been wanted to change my URL into


i don't know why, i've been feeling like there's a lot of people are stealing my codes. Q__Q
i know i'm the one who thinks too much, but yeah, everyone feels angry too right if you know somebody had stole your codes?
i mean you work like 4128461247 hours just to get this swagging blog, then you saw somebody absolutely copy your blog style just by clicking ctrl+C and ctrl+V, how is it feel?
so better be cautious than get stolen.

so this thing provides some kind of features that hides all of your codes.
i am impressed but i see a lot of other rules.
i mean a lot of people changed the domain into that but looks like they cannot customize the favicon.
what's more your traffic's are gonna be extremely blaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ~
and i bet no one likes to see my become "HAI, I'VE MOVED. RELINK ME" site.

so yeah, till now, i still keep my URL as usual.
Though a lot of people steal my codes, yeah, whatever.
It's just mean that i'm an awesomely blogger that people tend to steal my codes.


no offence to anyone who read this, though.


anyway i wanna share something with you guys.
like the title above, i wanna share my opinions about some tips that i (hopefully) think can help you guys increase your blog.
It's bit harsh and offensive though, i realize.
Sorry if i offended you who read this but yeah, if you don't like what i wrote just simply close my page.

  1. Customize your blog in a unique way and use matching colours! You don't want your readers to get bored by your default ungroomed blog right? you can find some blogskins in
  2. Oh for God's sake find a skin that no one had! i mean please be the one and only you who use it! are you proud of yourself if your readers visit your blog then when they browse another blog they saw a similar skin like you and said "OMG this skin is everywhere"?
  3. Customize your blog with matching colour. Colours that too bright or too dim will surely hurt reader's eyes and decrease your traffics. I know you like highlights but please! highlight colours is wayyyy out for a blog. Do you wanna see a blog with a super bright lime yellow background? i doubt it.
  4. Use readable font please. i see many of bloggers who use absolutely unreadable font for their blog and that's surely irritating for readers to see.
  5. Keep the font size cool! i eman not too small, and not too big. readers don't like to read small fonts that hurt their eyes nor big mega fonts that make readers go "WTH"
  6. Don't use too much widget for your blog. I once browse someone's blog and it takes forever to load the blog because she's like putting soooo much thing in her blog. Yeah people you may like something but please don't put it all inside your blog? Readers don't like page with long loadings.
  7. Use a smooth and soft music for your blog or if not, don't make the player go autoplay. Cos sometimes i find a lot of people don't like visiting pages with shocking and loud music and if you have one, you will automatically decrease the traffic of your blog.
  8. Nvr EvR Typ Lyk diZ in your blog. COME ON I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS, RIGHT. It's obvious!
  9. Dont use too much images for your blog. that's surely make your loadings go slower too nd decrease your traffic but yeah still acceptable, i think? just keep the images small, don't get it too big. (exceptions for graphic site)
  10. Dont just blabber about your own personal life, i think? i mean yeah you can blabber all you want about your life and who you love and stuffs but yeah at least include something that others wanna read, like your Kpop stars? or your other celebrity crush, or cute GIFs for everybody?
  11. People don't like loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong-boring-full of text post. Keep it colourful, if you want, or at least post some images or emoticons in it.
  12. If you wanna type a post, its better to use English cos if you use your own languange foreigners don't get to understand what you are saying. Boo. :(
  13. TYPE CORRECTLY. No too much wrong spelling or grammar mistakes. This is my MAIN problems of blogging all time since i started blogging. WHAT THE HELLL

yeah i think that's all? i can't seen to find any other tips anymore.
you guys' blogs are all rocking lready. i have nothing to say or to critic. good job! :DD

overall yeah, i still wanna apologize if you guys got offended by my post.


P. S:
I hate assignments.
I hate it to death.
How can i ever finish it.

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  1. Nice tips~ but I'm too lazy to change layout~ lol!

  2. lol nvm your layout is cute ;)

  3. lol nvm your layout is cute ;)

  4. yah, i must follow this :D thanks for this hun :D

  5. oh welcome sweetheart <3
    P.S : your blog is awesome already!

  6. has pretty skins but..... i want it as XML! T-T~

    huhu, it's too tempting so eventually did it T^T , i wish they had more kinds of cyworld templates...:/

  7. Nice and cool tips susan :D I love it ^^