bam boom bam.


by me @ SPV.

what's up, guys, sorry i haven't blog for a while, it's just that my health is not really kinda good..
okay, seriously, my health is totally screwed up.

i also got a confession to make.
blog has ruined my life, so bad.
and i'm glad i realize it earlier, because i don't wanna regret it in the end.
hows a simple innocent blog could ruin your life? you must probably ask me now.
well let me tell you what happen to me.

you remember last post of mine saying that i vomitted one time?
it was not, one time only.
and i tell you, it's two time, and what's more after that, i got diarrhea, and i got sent to a hospital because i can't eat and i fainted when i was on my way to buy me a meal, and then i was hospitalized in a vvip room where i have to be injected with a very big injection and i was hurting so bad i have to take a operation where the surgeon cuts my stomach out and take all the shits thats in my stomach that causes me nothing and hurt. and vomit. and diarrhea. and hurt.

lol okay, i was lying. not that exaggerating. but, but, the vomit twice and diarrhea thing was true.
and i can't eat. and i am honest now.
everytime i eat something i feels like vomitting and everytime i hold that feeling, my stomach hurts.
so yeah, you know what causes that?


okay but maybe a little fame. and fun. and maybe money. for lmyx. :P
and fun.
and why? because blogging had sucked my youth, i once said, and sucked my energy too, and made me not eating for WHOLE DAY.
what was i doing with my blog, is it humping it you ask? NO. YOU WISH.
i was coding my skin, like any other bloggers would do.
and yes, every bloggers wants to have the best-looking blog EVER, i admit. (just say yes)
because once you got the best-looking blog you are like famous a lil bit and everybody start praisin you and complimenting you.
but lemme ask.
have you ever thought that those praisin and complimenting brings any benefit to your life?


so yeah, blog brings you nothing but trouble.
well at least for me, gimme a break.
is there a cure for addicted bloggers?
YES, of course there is.
and you know what's that?
wake up and get a life y'all.
don't just spend your whole holiday just staring computer and wasting off yourselves! (err, you don't do that? uh, well, i do. teehee *smile with guilty*)
so stand up from that comfy chair your sitting, say to yourself "i'm going to eat at McDonald (or KFC) and hang out with my friends!"
don't ask why you have to say that cos i don't know why too.
just made that up. lol

so yeah, all i wanna say is, i'm going on a hiatus. :)
and yes this time is real.
but i'm not going to like close down this blog or whatever though, jeez there's a 1/4 youth and life i've wasted in here.
so yeah, imma still check this blog once in a while.
and yes you can still tag and keep tagging and maybe commenting.
i'll try my best to reply. :)
and sorry for the tags that i don't reply, i'm not really in the mood but




hugs for my affies.

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  1. gosh! are you ok now hun?

    aw, i'll miss you alot. :((

    i got anemia because of blogging :P but im ok now. I hope we'll talk again soon.take care always

  2. &i got low blood pressure syndrome haha i've been on hiatus once &I KNOW how you feel :) good luck on having a real life there sweetie :) lemme know when you're blogging again :D