assignments screw my life.


more img @ SPV.

i mean, just look at the time! it's 2:00 AM in the morning, but i'm still here, staring at the monitor, making assignments (and for relaxation, i blog. LOL).
do you know how much assignments are waiting for me?
i can't even count, you know!
yea, and i'm not exaggerating, if you were me, you would die too, i bet.
thank God i already used to stay up late because of this blogging so i still have the energy to work (but actually that's not really a good habit to brag =___=).

I'm going to have my final semester exam on 9 December but no time for me to have even just a little rest.
This morning i was like haedache, and i have to walk up 16 floors using stairs because i'm late for class but the lift is still as crowded as shit.
i mean, 16 floors, can you imagine that?
poor feet, they're probably die now.
i can't even feel my feet when i was on the 16th floor.

and now, i still have to work ><
ganbate ganbate! susan, you can do it!
miiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ~


Kevin and i argue twice today because i'm emotional and have a lil bit problems on.
but well since we've been like old relationship already and know each other's well we can solve it easily. :3

Kevin knows i am the type of girl that gets angry easily so he's trying hard to be patient with me and i am very appreciate him because he's willing to be patient with me. <3
cos FYI, i am the type of girl who gets angry like everytime somethings go wrong even just a little so yeah i'm like angry in a lot of times and Kevin's a wonderful lil boy who can take up all my anger :')

Lau gong my love had multiply like 1000 times for you mmuuaahhhh..

hope we can last like forever and we can have grandkids. :')

back to the work then, and im going to be very absent, like i told you before on my previous post ~
goodnight everybody.
*goes back to work*

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  1. AJA in everything hun! :D you're a smart lil gurl! (i like your term, "he's a wonderful lil boy") :D

  2. naaaaaaaawwww hunnie :'D
    i miss chatting with you!
    i always go online on yahoo whenever i can cos im waiting for u <3

  3. Yosh~! Do your best in assignment~