about this new skin and random shiets.

yeah people, you need to read this, just in case your internet's slow.

this skin is kinda retarded, i have to admit.
not because the design, but because of the tabs.
maybe some of you had realized it when you view my page, the navis are not working and somehow all content like profile, links, tagboard are below the entries.
yeah, i know. i realize that. =___=
but unfortunately, that's how my tabs working.
until loading's finished, all content will stay below entries, like become one.
i'm still figuring out how to fix it though, and maybe the problem will not be solved cos the javascript for this scrolling tabs it's hella hard to understand. T___T
be patient, kay people?
but thank you thank you very much for the compliments though, people! >//3//<
i really didn't expect people saying my current skin is nice.
well i appreciate it very much. muahs muahs thank you soo much.


i didn't watch Indonesia vs Philippines.
it's somehow kinda suck i can't watch it, cause people in my dormitory are screaming "GOOAAALLL" like hell though.
makes me excited and wanna watch. *sob*
but it's okay, i know the results already. congrats for Indonesia for winning 1-0. :)
DO NOT be cocky though, cos once you get cocky, you will look down others that who knows are stronger than you.

Kevin and i had finally talk on phone just now!
i'm so glad and so happy, after all this time i'm busy with my exams.
i HEART him! i LOVE him!
first i was crying so hard though because i miss him like crazy, but in the end we laugh and talk and joking. ;D
muahs muahs muahs for my bee-bee

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  1. grats to indonesians! :D

    i haven't watched that too :P

  2. heehee xD
    i dont really wanna support indonesia on the match last nite cos its vs philippines hun, and i remembered u :<