15 things that annoys you the most.


by Lionel @ SPV.

hey guys, i am currently very bored stiff right now so i am making this 15 list that annoys me the most in my life.
i am gonna be honest! and long post, of course, lol. :P

15 things i hate the most in my life:

  1. Getting up early. Why? Because lately i had not enough sleep and i need sleeping like effing seriously.
  2. Me and him arguing? I can't see to remember myself being happy when we're arguing. hahaha. always annoys me.
  3. BITCHES IN BUSWAY. and this time i mean those girls who purposely wears like super XXLARGE handbag just to put it in front of her body and when queueing she's like using that to purposely shove people from behind but acts like innocent. and guess what? i just met a few this morning. do you know how desperate i am that time holding the urge to bitch-slap her fugly face and kicks her ass?
  4. No food supplies. That was turbo downing mood.
  5. Loud noise annoys the crap out of me. and i guess that occures to everyone too, ay?
  6. Over-reacted person (although me personally admit that i am like that), or a person that talk too much or whatever. you sure don't want a friend that accompanies you only to buy meals in front and she talks like every milliseconds, rite?
  7. PERIODS. ;( it hurts. and ruin my mood totally.
  8. sometimes my brother. or even my bigger sist :| but they annoys me in a positive way though. like making me laugh or whatever lol :3
  9. Copiers, spammers, rippers, duh? still need to explain?
  10. No money :(
  11. MY MOM. sometimes she really get the crazy out of me.
  12. exams. yeah, like right onw. can't play with HTMLs cos i have to study =___=
  14. smelly body, whether it's from yourself or from other people. Do i still need to explain? can you even stay for 1 minute smelling a body that smells like corpse? lol
  15. people who thinks they are the coolest, like PLEASE. everybody's the same, y'all.

well that's my 15 things. actually it's kinda hard cos i have to think about it, not naturally comes out of it. hmm.


cos it's kinda fun knowing somebody else's annoy list :P
so it's easier if you wanna annoy them sometimes lolol JK.

and yes, please reblog it, for my sake.
respect me, kays? :(

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