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OMG i just got back home and i saw all the replies from my cybermatties xD
i'm so happy!
thankew for all the replies, people!
you guys are the best, muah muah :D

please give me another round of applause because i got another award :3
it's from the pretty and sweet Lmyx.

if you wanna see her cool blog, just click the pic and it'll lead you to her bloggie. :3
it's called the awesomeness award.
idk what's so awesome about my blog, cause the posts is all about crap, but i'm so happy! :D
this is my fourth award already, on this weekend.
boy am i lucky or what? :DDDD
love you guys so much, you guys are awesome! xoxo


you know, lately i've been craving for two things.
it's been like weeks i've been craving this two things.

curious? :D

lol fisrt, i wanna dye my hair. SO BAD D:
as you can see it's listed on my wishlist beside this post, on the sidebar.
idk why? but i just really want to.
you see, there's a few dye colour in my mind though.
like purplish brown, reddish brown..
but what i really want, SO BAD, it's wayyyyy different than the two stated above.

i want to dye my hair like Hayley Williams, or Silver white, like Avril Lavigne.

yes, and i will show you guys hayley's and avril's pic just in case you guys are total geek and never see them.

This is my super idol, hayley.
she's my number 1, not to mention her hair that i crave so much.

my second idol, and not to mention her awesome hair too.
actually i wanna dye my hair blonder than hers though, more like almost totally white and snowie :3
but i know, that is impossible.
i'm an Indonesian and my face and my whole look will gonna be fucked up cos Indonesian people doesn't suit with Blond hair.
except if you have a really asian face, you can. :3

then this, this red contact lenses.
it's not that red anime kind, it's everyday use.

drum rolls people cos im going to buy that first one muahahahahahah!! >:D

lol that's my wish for this month and i hope i got both next month :3


people, have you ever met teachers or lecturers that bias or bribe students to get good grades?
now im going to rant about it.

you see, i got 2 lecturers, one is biasing students (see, i got proof. he once said like this "if i don't know and not close to you, how cani give you good grades?") and the other one like cash sooo much that looks like we have to give him some cash to get good grades (but i haven't got proof with this one).

i wanna scold and curse so much to that biasing teachers, you know?
i pay a lot of cash to get to study at the college leh, and of course i deserve god grades if i do well.
why should i close to you to get one?
fxck you, bad.
he said that we, students, have to be remembered by him and have to be more active to get his attention. also, we have to like text him. i mean, what the hell?

have you guys ever met that kind of lecturers or teachers?
if yes, share it on my tagboard. :)
tell me the story! D:

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