why pink?


everybody's been asking me about my blogskin.
this blogskin.
like "wow, susan's using pink!" or like "what? a person like susan using pink colour?" and etc.
well, although it's a bit annoying for me because why everybody has to question why i used pink, i'll answer it.

  1. well, technically, first, pink is a source of colour too, so it's okay for me or for everyone to use it, even EMO person, because well. it's just a color!
  2. i use the color pink because pink and cute graphics are much more easier to find in the internet rather than purple or turquoise or green. well, eew green for blogskin, but yeah. pink it's the easiest color to find. everywhere. because there are so much people like kawaii stuff and kawaii = pink ( well, almost ).
  3. guess what. I DO LIKE PINK! hahaha. surprised? maybe i'm not really fancy pink but yeah. i don't hate it either. so it's okay for me to use it, right? what's more, when i was little my mom bought almost all pinky clothes for me. so yeah. i've been pink's bestfriend before. =___= ( please don't laugh )

well i think that's three reason i can think of and it's enough to answer your questions!
if you're not satisfied, well, damn you. =="
i think that's all for now too, i still have assignment to go-2 assignments to go!
one for the b.indo subject that is a group project and i am responsible for the typing and printing, and two, for the assignment because i didn't come to college today.
wish me get out of this prison of assignments as fast as i can, okay?
be a nice person, please!

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