vey very bored!


( img from The Fading Night )


i am soooo effing bored right now! :(
i don't know what to do, really need a refreshing;
refreshing : playing games, hanging out with friends, try something new; anything!, going to somewhere crowded or maybe place where there's no one, or meet my kev. :(
everyday's a college day, which is very boring for me excluding the friends, but maybe somehow, i'm getting bored with my friends now.. but hopefully not.

trying to distract myself from the boredomness now.
am youtube-ing right now and i saw some iJustine's video and Shane Dawson's.. lol they're really hillarious :D
kinda wonder how they can be that awesome making vids and stuff :/

lol at least im not that bored nao.

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