today is a quite nice day.


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"and when you smile, the world seems brighter."

wwweeeeeeeeeeeeee ~
finally i've finished my presentation xD
i feel very very relieved because my worst nightmare ended up better than i expected :D

today is a quite nice day, nothing seems to get wrong, except for my unfinished burned ayodance dvd though and my tooth that ache unstoppablely from morning until now T______T

the presentation went quite well, no one use my pixel art topic for presentation unlike photography; Gee, i'm not trying to sound sarcastic or mean or cocky, but photography topic is very much used for a lot of my classmates for presentation and i can see there's many classmates that already get bored by that topic :S even the lecturer is bored already! haha. it's reality, guys. y'all can see it too. but i'm not like proud or what though. i just think they need a creativity.

i'm the only one who use pictures for presentation also. but i think that's a bad idea though because some of my classmates can't see it and i have to like rush and all messy in front of the class just to show people the pictures.
but i think i caught their attention while i presentation in front :)
i'm quite impressed with my presentation! lol

after i present in front of the class this morning, i realize presenting something in front is quite fun. i feel like very satisfied also when what i present in front caught a lot of attention. i'm a very shy person, but yeah. i like attention :D
lol it's not like i wanna get attention by trying to exaggerating when i'm in front, lah. that's too much. i just wanna make people feel like "woahh, this girl got something" when i present in front. and of course that "something" i'm talking about don't related to any physics :|

okay. done blabbering about my presentation. now let's continue to talk about pixel art that i use for my presentation.

i'm getting more and more interested with pixel art after i done my presentation.
it's just too.. too pretty, too unique, ya know?
i feel very happy when i see pixel art. idk why, i just do. lol.
maybe i am born for that. or maybe that's the dream job i've been searching. or maybe i can be a pixel artist. okay, stop dreaming. let's continue our topic.

so this morning when i had some time to improve my presentation like searching another designer in internet; but before i continue i've already told you, right? i wanna like search one more pixel designers, so that my presentation last a bit longer. well, this morning i found that other one. the coorporation is called eBoy. :D

eBoy ("Godfathers of Pixel") is a pixel art group founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital.

Their complex illustrations have been made into posters, shirts, souvenirs, and even displayed in gallery exhibitions. They were founded on May 2, 1997, expressing their modular and collaborative approach as something that defines eBoy as much as the use of pixels. "We started working with pixels because we loved the idea of making pictures only for the screen. It’s the best way to get really sharp and clean looking results. Also, handling pixels is fun and you are forced to simplify and abstract things, which is a big advantage of this technique." Based in Berlin, eBoy's founders collaborate with Peter Stemmler in New York to produce graphic design work for companies. ( definition found on Wikipedia )

eBoy also worked for many coorporations such as Google, the most popular search engine you've known for so long ( if you don't know what's Google, uh well, i can only say welcome to the internet, kid :D ), Coca-Cola, Adidas, and others.

all of eBoy's creation are very impressive, as you guys know! :D
i'm very excited and very amazed by how they can done such a great picture using tons of little squares and mix of colours only.

here are some of their creations, i picked up some of my favorites :

Naomi Campbell
This is Naomi Campbell, made all by pixels, if you guys can recognize it. :D

This is Nico Rossberg. i don't know who is he exactly, though. but what important is the picture. don't you think is very stunning? :D

This is Bruce Lee, baby! lololol i can't recognize it :D it's too handsome here hahaha lololol. okay not to mention the pretty pixel they made here too. :)

well i think that's all, but if you guys wanna see MORE of eBoy's creation, you can simply click here for the editorial pages, or just click here for the main page.

i think i will be learning making pixels though. i think it's very cool. and maybe someday i can upload my creation here, at my blog. :D well, just maybe. i'll have to study photoshop and other adobe too, y'all and that's hard thing to do with this limited time. gimme some break. :D

now let's talk about my life. yaaaayyy :D

today i'm one lucky girl. i went home using busway with only 2 transit only!
yaaaayyy :D
for you guys who don't have a clue how my usual life using busway is, everyday i go to campus liek, 2 hours of time? and i have to transit 3 shelter before i can reach my campus and not to mention the long walking and the killing queue. but today, i only got 2 transit only cos busway from grogol that i take is going to straightly go to dukuh atas, which is my third transit!
so yeah, i'm one lucky girl and nao i'm sitting here in front of computer blabber about it on 5:30pm ( uhh lol that's the time when i write this so i just write it down lol ). like can you believe it? 5:30 pm is the time where i have to queue for a longg time at dukuh atas! lol i'm so lucky today. :D

i went to warnet with Kei, vian, lola, and dedee. we played as usual, ayodance. :D
after a few days of being crazy over it, i'm starting to get bored already though. it's just only pressing arrows button madly following the beat of the music. only that. idk though. but it's still a lil' bit addictive to me. ;P
hahahaha i'm soo random, ikr.

Kevin ain't text me since 3:00 pm today. after i played my games and i text him, he didn't reply me. i'm guessing he's sleeping? hope you're okay, baby :3

well, i think that's all my blabber.

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