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"cause every little things you said to me means a thousand words."

today nothing special happened. instead, there were quite a lot of things that made me heartbroken today.
i got no class, which makes me regret coming to college, then sports, that makes me quite exhausted, friends that are not very pleasing me today, and others.
but what makes my day the worsy dau of my life, is some words spoken by him.

i hate him...

bllaaaarrggg ahh ~
totally not in the mood for blogging.

so because i don't blog much today, i made a lot of changes in this blog.
you see, i have changed the music player above into a red love just in case there are some people who doesn't like websites with songs. (look how considerate am i!)
then for people who has passion for music, i added an music player including the video clip which i got on Mixpod.
there are a lot of skins provided though to make your player look more cute, if you guys wanna use the mixpod.
just simply sign up then make your own playlist, and done.
i've used iPhone as a skin cause it look cool :D
well, umm. at least i like it.

then changemy icon and banner link too.
i've added some.
you can see it on yhe link navi.

woow, my post are totally random, huh :D

well, uhh.
if you guys still get bored with my post today, click here to see me do the stupid dancing.
if you guys still didn't got entertained by that, well uhh. i don't know what else to say.

P.S : i really really wanna have ayodance app in my cooomp!!!
i'm addicted to ittt T___T
mama help meee ~

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