This is gonna be so random.



i still can't believe that Google had rejected my proposal.
i don't even know what's wrong with my blog.
it looked fine, and i didn't stal anything from others.
well maybe Google don't wanna accept personal blog for ads, i guess?
No matter what i am going to try again till i got the approval, though.

This afternoon i chatted with Lmyx on the Yahoo Messenger.
She's so funny. We had a lot of fun, and we got along with each others.
what's more, her graphics are all awesome and i can't wait for her to post another one!
Unfortunately she's going to her relative's house for 3 days or more now so no batches from her till' she got back. :(

Our graphic site is so far so good, but yet we still need more makers!
this graphic site needs at least 3 makers.
Max 4 makers. and currently only two of us. Me and Lmyx.
so whoever wanna join please do comment here or tag!
and i'll tell you the steps to be our official maker.

visit our graphic site:
we need more traffics! :D
support us!


Lately i'm getting bored with my current skin and background.
i got a lot of compliment which i appreciate alot but you know, if you face the same things for weeks you'll definitely get bored, right? no matter how cute or nice it is.

So what do you think guys?
should i change my blog background, or even blogskins?

give me feedback, okay.
i want to know you guys reactions.

what do i wanna change my background into?

well since i got pink blogskins for my blog, i might consider leave the background plain white with some flower brushes at the bottom, like my graphic site.
but the only problems that bother me is that everytime i browse for a flower brush set on deviantart, they all uses .ABR format which i dont understand at all on how to open it and extract it.
different from .zip which is easily to open, .ABR is more complicated and it requires Photoshop to open it.

If anybody who knows how .ABR format works please comment me below, okay?
i really need your help. Feedback really is appreciated.
Thank you so much! :)


Okay back to my personal life again now.
Today is 27 November and final semester exams starts on 10th December.
honestly i don't even know what to study? cause from the start we only learn how to draw manual and stuffs.
maybe on exams we are going to be asked to draw manually? so yeah no need to study.
but still i'm kinda afraid my IPs gonna be fatal.

assignments still piled up like hell which i dont know where to start.
i am so addicted to blogging now i can't even stop!
besides blogging i am dying to achieve adSense approval too, of course.
Overall i just wanna try to earn something from my hobby.
is that even wrong?

Kevin got no phone credit from yesterday.
we had lost contact for 2 days.
i hope he's fine there and eat well, live well.
i admit i miss him, and of course i wish he miss me too. :(
Next Thursday's gonna be our another big day so i don't wanna screw anything up.

well i think that's all for my blabbering now?
i wanna go try making my assignments now, hard to let go blogging even just for a while but i'll try.

leave me comments and tag okay?
if i have the opportunity to reply i'll definitely reply to you guys.
i love you all.

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  1. hey susan.. talk about your graphic site,, it interestig.. but I just don't really understand what its for. can you explain it more detail to me????

  2. thank you for your interest! you can go directly to our website to see how it works :)
    we make graphics there especially banners and icons .

  3. I never know that adsense can reject any applications.
    I'm not good with graphics but love your works~ ^^

  4. yeah, they rejected my prposal.
    maybe because my blog is personal. lol :D
    btw thank you so much! do visit again :)

  5. heheh you got bored after having a blog layout for a month? well, me here i had my previous skin for 1 year and this new skin of mine is for 2 months already but I'm planning on changing my header this January^^, I like your blog just the way it is right now but it actually depends on you and I also wanna be surprised to your future layouts^^, yea me too I've also been addicted to blogging ever since I got a new layout:]

  6. @sherry : hun sorry for the late reply and yeah new layouts makes us more addicted and right now i think i'll keep my current layout cos honestly i still dont have any inspiration for new layout :)
    but thanks though for the comment <3