shit happens everytime.


image by me.

i feel like shit today.
i really got no spirit at all to face this life.
first, i got this hella stupid period that comes too early today.
it was supposed to come at the end of the month!
how come this early?
it's only 19 today.
i got no preparation at all which the period screwed up my bed.
i was pissed off.
really pissed off.
then came the period hurts.
hurts badly, which make me decided not to go to the campus today.
then when i sleep again, my mom suddenly call me then i give my phone to sis.
she answered and yea, came the nagging.
and guess what?
she's blaming me for accusing that i say something bad about doctor's profession is not good to my bro.
she accused me for saying human body book is not good.
please lah, mom.
if you don't know anything, please just don't say anything.
i'm sick of being accused for something i didn't do.
really, really sick.
i personally LOVE doctor's profession, i even HOPE i am a doctor which i know i will not become.
and of course if one of my family member is a doctor, i would be so proud.
i even want bro to have sobota, the human body book for college students which cost like almost 1.000.000 rupiah.
how would i say to bro human body is not good?
please lah, you make me so dissapointed.

plus, sis said if i skip classes a lot of time, i will be suspended from college.
and when semester 2 comes, people can take 3 subject, i can only take 2 because my absent is awful.
yeah, of course. i got afraid.
who doesn't get afraid?
i want a degree.
i wanna done this college.
i have to.
so i decided later i will go to college to take the second subject.
i don't wanna skip it.
still hurt because of period?
well, what can i do.
i have to go. i have to bear with it.
wish me strong enough to take class, okay.
your wish is my hope. :)

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