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i can't help but blabber about busway again!
why can't people has patience for queueing??!!
just now when i was going home one of shelter where i have to transit is very very crowded. then when busway come, everybody has to liek rushing and squeezing fighting for going inside the busway. then behind me there's an uncle who is like pushing and shoving people soo hard, fighting to go inside the busway. i was pushed liek, fucking hard and it hurt!
go to hell, i really hate people without patience.
then came another girl who was talking with one of her friend like "the fast one win of course"

and i'm liek, what ?
what the fuck are you talking about, miss.
we use busway here didn't use snatching and fighting who's faster, but we queue.

if you don't wanna queue, go use your own car or whatever, please!
don't use busway.
why there's so much people without manners.

don't wanna blebber and curse too much lah.


OMG OMG OMG i'm officially addicted to ayodance auditiooonn!!!
i wanna plaayy liek, everyday T___T
especially when i know few of my friends play it too!
lol ~
i feel liek i wanna play with them all day long ~
although i don't really master the pressing button skills. lol.

one of my friends got the data for audition in her flashdisk. she was offering me if i wanna borrow i can borrow it.
i was liek "YESS PLEASE!!!!" but guess what.
when i got home and use her flashdisk to play, my internet didn't go enough to pay that.
so the connection is always liek error and error.
i am liek sdhgadhgkladhflkadflkadlkfjglkadrjglksdfj DING DING DINGGGGG !!!!! D:< GOD IS SSOOO NOT FAIR!!!! i wanna playy!!!!! i wanna play!!!! why can't i play it in the computer!!!! i hate my life =___= sucks. *the emo sides of me starting to come out (//_T)*

well i thinnk that's all for nao.
sis will take me to eat at hanamasa at sunday.
can't wait to gooo :D

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