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"everybody can do it. so can you!"

i just got information from my college friends that tomorrow we're having english presentation.
i thought today was the presentation, and tomorrow there will be no more english subject!

i was wrong.

God damn it!
i haven't study anything yet @_____@
what's more, i got stage fever.
you know what's that, rite?
uumm, like you start to tremble everytime you have to face the crowds.
the english is absolutely no problem to me, but facing the crowds?

i feel like going to hell.


OK, MORE good news.
i just found out that everyone has already done their presentation today, except ME.
because today, i didn't go to college, because of my diarrhea.
omagah, this is like, the worst shit ever i had ever face.
me? presentation in front of the class tomorrow, JUST ME?
no one else?
imagine how much eyes and faces would look and stare at me tomorrow, when i do my presentation.
okay. now thinking about it has already made my hand as cold as ice.
what should i do ?

uhh well, after a few min of searching solutions from the internet, i caught some of the tips to make you not feeling nervous of having presentation in front of the crowds.
this is for people who wanna perform though, like those bands people and singer and such. but i think the tips it's still useful for individual.

it's in indonesian. if you wanna find english one go find it on theinternet lol :)

1. Pahami bahwa perasaan grogi adalah energi positif

Apa yang loe rasakan saat grogi? Dada berdebar-debar, keringat dingin mengucur, bibir bergetar, dan darah seolah mengalir lebih cepat. Pahami bahwa semua itu adalah sebuah dorongan energi yang meluap dari dalam diri anda. Tidak ada yang salah pada energi itu. Ia perlu disalurkan secara positif. Ia semestinya menjadi bahan bakar yang mendorong presentasi anda lebih baik. Anda bisa menggunakan energi itu untuk memantapkan penampilan anda. Dan biasain sedikit bergoyang supaya semuanya jadi stabil, kayak yang pernah saya tulis diforum kesehatan. aAgim gtL

2. Bersikaplah nothing to loose

Keinginan kita untuk bersikap sebaik-baiknya mendorong munculnya perasaan grogi. Secara negatif, pikiran kita biasanya terbebani oleh ketakutan untuk membuat kesalahan, kekhawatiran akan gagal, kecemasan bila melakukan kekonyolan, dan berbagai bayangan-bayangan negatif lainnya. Sebelum anda bisa menggunakan energi grogi itu secara positif, maka terlebih dahulu anda harus menetralisir emosi-emosi negatif tersebut. Bersikaplah "nothing to loose"; tak sesuatu yang patut kita takutkan. Bila toh kita gagal, maka tidak sesuatu yang harus menjadikan kita begitu kehilangan.

3. Tenangkan diri anda

Sementara anda menunggu giliran, atur nafas anda. Tarik nafas dalam-dalam, keluarkan lambat-lambat. Keluarkan energi yang meletup-letup dalam dada anda melalui hembusan nafas yang teratur. Tenangkan pikiran dan emosi anda.Bila perlu pejamkan mata. Kumpulkan energi itu sebaik-baiknya. Jangan biarkan mengganggu ketenangan jiwa anda.

4. Kerahkan energi anda

Kerahkan energi anda. Lepaskan energi itu dari "kekangannya" . Bila para audiens memberi appalus pada pembicara sebelum anda, maka kerahkan energi anda dengan memberikan applaus yang tak kalah meriah. Berdirilah dengan sigap. Berjalanlah dengan tegap dan mantap. Bila perlu hembuskan nafas lepas sambil berteriak kecil, "yes". Atau turut bertepuk tangan menyambut applaus dari audiens. Lakukan apa-apanya dengan sikap tegas. Biarkan energi itu mengalir dalam gerakan anda.

5. Berbicaralah dengan keras dan lantang

Bila anda berbicara lambat, maka bibir anda akan semakin gemetar, suara anda pun bergetar. Salurkan rasa grogi anda melalui suara anda yang keras dan lantang. Suara keras anda bukan hanya dapat mengatasi kecemasan, namun jugasarana menyalurkan energi tersebut. Ada baiknya anda menghafal tekspertama anda namun tetap bersikap wajar.

6. Diam

Anda dapat menyalurkan ketegangan dalam diri anda pada para audiens, yaitu dengan memulai presentasi anda dengan diam beberapa detik. Biarkan ketegangan anda terserap dan jadi ketegangan audiens. Bila anda merasa ketegangan di audiens sudah cukup meninggi, mulailah presentasi anda dengansebuah pembukaan yang kuat, tajam dan lantang.

7. Lontarkan humor yang wajar.

Lenturkan kegugupan anda dengan sebuah humor yang wajar. Anda memang perlu merencanakannya dengan baik, namun jangan sampai kehilangan spontanitas. Dan, humor terbaik yang tidak akan melukai perasaan siapa pun adalah humor tentang diri anda.

Jadi , sekarang giliran anda untuk mencoba. Dalam satu buku, dikatakan bahwa lebih baik dicambuk daripada berbicara di depan publik, tapi begitu mencoba, maka lebih baik ditembak daripada berhenti . Jadi, give it your best Shot!!

source: Here

okay so i hope that helps me though. the purpose i posted in y blog is because blog is my number one most visited website. so i posted here to remind myself just in case i forgot :D


And Now For The Presentation Thing

PLEASE NOTE that below this is my presentation ingredients. Please do not get confused and feel free to neglect it if you think is useless. I post it here so i can recite it :D

you can find all this ingredients in the internet and put it all together but NO COPY FROM ME, okay.
i searched for a very long time for these.
i'll give you the source below these cause i'm kind, okay. so search it yourself. be independent.
( don't laugh at my cheesy opening, okay? i'm still a noob at presentating something in front of crowds T___T FML )

"Hello friends, good afternoon to all of you and our lecturer, Mr. XXX ( censored due to the wide and dangerous internet ). Thanks for giving me this opportunity to present myself in front of this classroom. Well let me start, shall we? *ehem*

Our lecturer asked us to tell something about Art and Design in front of the class like this, i was quite confused because i don't know what to say and what to present, because actually my knowledge about art is still not much. But because this is random and we can say anyrhing related to art, let me say about some arts that i like.

Well, umm, if we talk about arts that i like, actually i do have a lot of favourites such as photography, logo designing, web designing etcetra. But what interest me the most is actually pixel art. Yeah, pixel art. For some of you guys who still don't have a clue about what pixel art is, well let me explain a bit. Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of raster graphics software, where images are edited on the pixel level. what makes me interested with pixel art is that pixel art is used commonly for computer and video games, graphing calculator games, and mostly mobile phone games. what's more, pixel art is totally different from other designs.
The term pixel art was first published by Adele Goldberg and Robert Flegal of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1982. The concept, however, goes back about 10 years before that, for example in Richard Shoup's SuperPaint system in 1972, also at Xerox PARC.

One of the popular pixel art used for games is Habbo.
Habbo ( previously known as Habbo Hotel ) is a social networking website aimed at teenagers. The website is owned and operated by Sulake Corporation. The service began in 2000 and has expanded to include 32 online communities ( or "hotels" ). As of June 2008 over 118 million avatars have been registered. There are an average 8 million unique visitors monthly, and 75,000 avatars are being created every day.

these are the pictures of Habbo, as you can see it, it's all made in pixel art.

Well, umm, i think that's all for my presentation, thank you very much for the kind attention, hope you guys entertained by my few minutes presentation in front here, forgive me if i got some mistakes or my lousy attitudes, and if you guys interested at pixel art you guys can find some information at Wikipedia or Google. Thank you :D"

*clapping hands*

Nice or not ?
i think that's good already. i can;t think much more for my presentation tomorrow. +___+
i'm still sick, people. gimme some break.
But i admit though the closing is still sounded like shit.
"and if you guys interested at pixel art you guys can find some information at Wikipedia or Google" ? for god's sake everybody knows that too, silly. lol
i can't think of anything more.

i also wanna add one more designers for my presentation but i just can't find any on the internet =___=
lolol ~
for you guys who accidentally or purposely read this post, PLEASE kindly give me some suggestions for my presentation!
it shows that your kind enough to care for the others ~
just siply post your suggestions on my tagboard and i wall very much appreciate it :D
but if you don't, oh well. never mind. :( *dissapointed*

so i think that's all for nao, gotta recite it quickly! imma present it tomorrow in front of the class xD

God bless you.

oh, wait, i forgot to give you the source of my presentation. Well, here it is.
The rest is my creation!

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