open my eyes, it was only just a dream.


image by me.

hi guys, spending some time to blogging again now.
i'm glad someone had spend some of her time commenting on my comment boxes at my previous post to help me especially Lmyx.
lol i think you're gonna be in my every post hunnie cos u're the greatest xD

oh and also thanks to Eun-chan too. she also commented on my Comment box too. :3
thank you you guys <3
(check my Cybermates section to get their links)

so i got information from Lmyx saying that adSense can make us earn some $.
i've signed up already and i am very looking forward to it!
unfortunately, it takes like 1 week to get the approval.

i mean, wtf? 1 week? D:

i need my cold hard cash RIGHT NOW, and i wanna earn some $ right now!!
but oh well, since that is the rules, i have to obey it. :|
thank goodness it's not 3 months of waiting time like Lmyx, or else im dead already waiting unpatiently for the approval.


and people, i'm thinking about changing my URL as well.

it's not that i wanna change the susandwiasmorojati into other words, no.
i just wanna change the into other domains.
i wanna change it to

cos i'm thinking about my codes.
all my source code.
last time i saw a blogger stole one of my source code, and i dont wanna say who.
just self-conscious lah.
and i am surely not happy.
i don't wanna like confront to her cos i know she would surely say that she's not stealing my codes.
like i dont know what.

there are too many thiefs in this world, no matter how hard you escape from it.
so yeah, what can i do?

so i am thinking about changing my domains to, cos i can see that that domain can protect our source code and like, hiding it.
so nobody can steal it.
but i am thinking again.

is that domain supports adSense?
if it's not, how can i earn money?
i just signed up adSense, and what's more, i signed THIS unchanged URL to the adSense, i just remembered. =__=

what's more, is my traffic gonna be decreased?
and my cybermates too,
do they wanna relink me?
cause i can see sometimes they are too lazy to change it.
like it will kill them or what.

so how can i protect my source code?

its not like my blog is cool or whatever lah, but still it's my creation.
i designed it until it looks like this.
so i wanna protect it.

and no i will not disable right click or what, cos that only makes some of my viewers got annoyed and what's more, they can't take my banners so yeah.
i can't do that.

so if you guys know how can i protect my code WITHOUT using disable right-click or free domain,
tell me please, okay.
comment box is used for commenting, not decorating.
so make good use of it.

Oh, and FYI,
my link exchange is going to close at the First of January 2011.

so yeah, people.
if you wanna link exchange with me, DO IT BEFORE NEW YEAR.


btw people, just thinking.
i wanna make a graphic site.
but of course, i need a partner, or maybe two. or maybe even three!
so how people?
who wants to join me?

if i got partners, im going to launch one asap.
comment me if you're interested, okay?

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  1. that is great, but what kind of graphic that you mean here, love? i'm interested, count me in! :D

  2. i mean banners, icons and others too if u want to make some!
    i wanna make a graphic site like this website

  3. wow.. graphic site? well.. i don't know much about siting or coding, or whatever it is.. but i think you'll make something really awesome.
    keep up the good work!

  4. Now I wanna register to AdSense.

  5. lol u comment on the wrong post hun :D