no change ?


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uhh i'm so embarrased Q_____Q
liek my post before i said i wanna change my blog but as a result, i didn't change anything Q___Q
lol sorry !
it's not that i don't want to! D:
i just can't seem to find any good skin for my blog.
i've searched every skin in, but can't seem to find any that i liek.
so oh well, i didn't change it.

today sucks, i didn't go to campus T___T
it's not because i'm too lazy or what, but i am sick.
not sick of using busway or sick of the assignments, yyuuhh ! D:
but i am really sick this time.
i got diarrhea.
or something liek that that makes me go to toilet again and again.
my stomach hurt also T___T
i'm so miserable.
what's more today is the day lola and the others wanna play ayodance togetherrrrr !!!
i missed it.
uuhh. wanna cry T_______T
they must have been had very much fun.
and i missed it.

oh well, at least i can't save my money.
this month i spent too much @___@
it's only liek 9 nov ?
and i already spent almost 500k or maybe more.
zzzzz ...
idk too how can i survive later at the end of the month, with no money.
oh well, let's just see about that.

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