midnight worries


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tonight i am really worried dor my assignments.
so i am asked to draw a table with a cloth on it an an object on the cloth.
the purpose is to draw the cloth's curves perfectly.
with pen.
and just fyi, i'm sucks at drawing with pencil, not to mention with pen.
and i was supposed to draw it tonight, but in fact i was blogging here.
and it's midnight.


idk i should be happy or sad or what?
i am too addicted to my blog, i confess.
i am like, admiring my blog everyday =__=
i'm so weird, for god's sake.

and now, after posting this crap, imma go to bed and planning to draw my assignments tomorrow.
after that imma be ready to college and have to submit my just-drew assignments already.
see? i'm so fucked up.
because this blog, and facebook. and internet.
i still have assignments like, a few, and this afternoon i still got project.
group project tho.
but we were asked to draw a comic bout design history.
omagah, i don't even know from where i have to start.

and also, this afternoon BEM people are coming over to our classroom giving us (but actually just a few people who are willing ti take lah) some form to fill with.
it's about PDK, i forgot what's that stands for.
it's about something you have to attend for if you wanna be a BEM member.
i want to, but umm, i think twice already.
susan don't got other things to do you already fucked up with your assignments leh, you still wanna be a BEM member? like, are you losing your mind? lol.
so i didn't take the form
also it needs 200K to attend the PDK so i didn't attend.
i rather eat hanamasa, seriously.

so, after this i think imma brush my teeth, get my ass out of the chair and go to sleep and waking up early to make my assignment.
damn college life. why you got so many assignment?
i hate you.
but i love my campus and my college friends tho.


omagah i cannot forget to post this to my blog.
i almost forgot.
is it just me or people in Jakarta are soo got no manners, so got no etique and sooo got no patience??

when i was going home today using the usual sickening busway, i was like queueing for an hour for more. it was like raining, and many people were using busway so i was queueing like half of the busway bridge or whatever.
then after i was almost got the busway place, a bitch and a son of a bitch come out of nowhere and like wanna snatch my queue.

wah. so furious ah me.

fuck you so much, my friend.

hello like, can't you see??? everybody here is queueing. why can't you queue too?
got itchy ass wanna sit down quickly ah?
fuck you!
i know you are tired and blablabla. are you blind or what? everybody here is tired too ah, or maybe more tired thatn you ah!!! soo got no manners.
your parents don't teach you manners wa?
poor person.

then after that, when busway came everybody was like pushing and shoving or whatever.
i was pushed by a bitch behind me with her dirty hand and she was like pushing with her end of her fingers or her fist? isk.
the point is, I WAS HURT.
and i don't care liek, i pushed her hand away.
what now? you wanna quickly go to your destination wa?
use jetpack, okay.
busway is about queueing for bus, not snatching who got busway first.
wht can't people understand this?
cheh sooo unpolite.

well uhh.
i think that's all ?
if i continue i think imma curse more wa. just adding my sins nia. better go to sleep early for assignment tomorrow la rather vent my anger here. lol

ciaos ~

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