i've changed my blog's title.


image by me.

lol wow i've post a lot of things today.
but nah never mind.
i like to blog. why not? :D

did you guys notice it?
i have changed my blog title, people.
its now Je Suis dans L'amour, not Susan Dwiasmorojati anymore.


because first, i am in love with French languange.
i think French is cute and very romantic, so i wanna learn plus i use French as my blog title.
Second, i think using my own name as my Blog title sounds a bit stupid.
like i see many bloggers and my cyber friends all use quotes or other cute site name.
why i use my name, right?
so i change it. you can call my blog dans L'amour now.

dans L'amour means in love which is very suits my mood now.
you ask who i'm in love with?
Please la, it's obviously Kevin.
still need to ask meh?
He's my hubby wa.

so dans L'amour meas "in love".
Je suis dans L'amour itself means "i am in love".
and below the title written avec ton sourire, ton rire et ton tout, ma cherie.
i know, sound a bit funny.
it got the ton tout ton tout part.
i google translated it and it appears like this, who knows a.
that, above stated (too lazy to write again), means "with your smile, and your laughter, darling".
so if my title and subtitle are speaken together it means "i am in love with your smile, and your laughter, darling".

sweet? :3

hahahaha so that's it.
my new blog's name.

actually i wanna change my blog's URL too but nah i'm too lazy to ask people to relink my blog's URL and of course i know people will be lazy too to change it so yeah :)
i'll keep it that way.

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