infos about me, folks.


image by me.

i found this on Stephanie's blog again, im not sure where she got those thingies, what i know is it caught my eyes and i wanna try.

Name: Susan Dwiasmorojati.
Brothers: 1 younger bro.
Sisters: 1 older sis.
Eye color: Brown.
Shoe size: 39? 40? forgot :/
Hair: Black.
Piercing: 2.
Height: 160cm
What are you wearing now: red boxer and a dark blue xx large tee. :|
Where do you live: Jakarta.
Favorite number: 2109
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite breakfast: i dont have breakfast that often but i must say porridge rocks.

Have u ever:
been taken in a police car? No.
taken for a friend? What's that supposed to mean? D:
slept in school? That's my everyday activities.
broken someone's heart? Uhh idk? :D
cried when someone died? not someone technically.. more like cats and monkeys :|
sat by the phone waiting for someone to call you? OFTEN.

does your room looks like? Mess.
what is right beside you? Plastic?
what is the last thing you ate? Milk. oh wait, thats a beverage :D i haven't eat anything yet today.

Ever had:
chicken pox? Nope and i hope never.
sore throat? Uhuh.
stitches? Nope.
broken nose? No.

Do you:
believe in love at first sight? YES :D
like picnic? nah..

Final question:
what are you listening to? Dearly beloved that is played on my blog for like, a zillion times.
what did you do today? Sleep, walk, drinking milk, online, online, online, blogging, online...
diamond or pearl? none.
are you the oldest? nope.
are you the youngest? nah.

Today did you:
talk to someone you like? i thought above is the final question!!! D: No :( not yet.
kiss anyone? No but i wish i could ;(
sing? nope.
talk to an ex? never ever!
miss someone? YES :')
eat? lol haven't.

Last person who:
you talked on phone? Kevin.
made you cry? Kevin. dont spam me post! D: *bite Kevin*
went to movies with? My sis.
you went to the mall with? Friends.
who cheered you up? My Kevin :D

Have you:
been to mexico? YES!!! lol jk, never.
been to USA? i wanted to.

have a crush on someone? 1 year, 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days ago i do have one. :)
best feeling on earth? err...?
do you sleep with stuffed toy? YES AND I NAMED MY ITSY BITSY TEDDY Bewie.
what is under your bed? Floor.
favorite sport(s)? Basket, Karate.
favorite place(s)? my home.
who do you really hate? im good :)

What time is it now? 02:28 pm.

copy paste it to your posts and share it to others, people :DDD

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