i love monday!


images from My Fleur Art

"everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today" :)

what a great monday to start a week! i love today, everything went so perfect and fun :)
actually i've been planning to make a good and fun monday though. teehee. cos i know usually monday's a boring day so i wanna make today's a good day for me.
and i made it. i laughed a lot :)

today i wore yellow !
yellow ftw wahoo :D
and i wore my ducky mask too so i looked yellow all over :D
lol, alot of people called me miss yellow, though :P
but like i care, i love colour yellow ~
bright and happy and is a great start for a great day :D

today all my gradien assignments' results are out. i got two 78 and one 80. i'm like, wtf? i worked hard with those gradien okay! reward me with something more satisfying! D: *complain and blabber all over*. but yeah, i admit my work is still not the best among of all. so it's not wird and shocking if i only got those average points for my assignments. but hey, i already am included into "not bad" section, okay :D don't look down on me. some of my friends got like only 60 or 60+ wa. so i was good already lor. but yeah, only not good enough.

here are some of my assignments :

this is my middle exam work. it's hella messy and the gradien are like, not blend in at all. so yeah, it's still lucky tho i got 78 :D
i though this crap would result in 60 or maybe less. but not what i expected, i got 78 :d
whopee ~

this is my second assignments ? i don't really remember too. but this gradien i did it with a lot of sweat and blood so yah :D
it got 80 as results.
thank god it's still an A although the point is not satisfying. if this got like 60 or less imma stab the lecturer right at the neck wa. i worked really hard for this.

this is today's project :D
we were asked to draw 3 organic's pattern with gradien all over then when we're done the lecturer will choose one of the drawings to draw on A3 paper ~
mine was asked to draw the flowers with a pot one.
lol the colous are like sdkfjalkgjjgajgkal blaaarrrggg D:
so fugly mugly.

and this is my work on A3 :D
blaarrrrggg like, it was so fuglyyyyy T__________T
i purposely not rotate it cos it's fugly and harmful to your eyes like, if you see it your eyes will get blind in 3 seconds.
lol, jk i was exaggerating, but still it was fugly.

so yeah that's my work :D
actually i got other pics but i was too lazy to upload so i didn't upload much ~
lalalalalala ~

after class is over, i was distracted by doodle expressions on paper.
i took some pics of it, and it was epic and funny if you guys wanna see it :D
here is some of it :

at first i drew some curves to make a smiley face, and started a little cute.. (err.. cute?)

then i started to get a little crazy and mu face starts to change a lil bit epic..
lol at people walking behind me and i still don't care :D

i look cute on this photo right? right??? :DDDD

then later my friends joined me. okay sooo they didn't exactly.. really.. joined me but i was forcing them to do this xD
and they go like "what the hell is this =___=" and then "okay okay i'll do it" :D
this is evelyn, epic face with still has a lil bit of cuteness inside :DDDD

then comes meli, with her smile combining the epic eyes :DDD
i told her to do some epic faces but she was smiling insted then tadaaaaa, it turn out more epic and funny then others xDDDDD
omagah meli, you're a natural epic face maker.
so funny you :D

and this is juli, the cute one too :D
omagah i soo envy juli and eve :/
whatever faces they do thay have their cuteness. why can't i ? tsk tsk. silly cat.

then came the most epic of all, richard.
richard i tell you ah. you didn't use that kind of epic thing you already an epic king lah. i tell you.

so yeah, after that, i went home with happy feeling.
today really is so perfect!
i never felt this happy before :D
and yes, kevin got the part for making me happy too.
he change my day <3 love you a tons, sweetheart. so yeah, that was it. imma make assignments for english after this so can't stay too long. will be posting tomorrow again so yeah :D bai-bai bloggie ~ *hugs*

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