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gee. no blogging for two days. feels weird when your blog doesn't update new posts :D
well you see, i already told you that i'm addicted to ayodance online game at my post before this. so yeah. these two days i've been gaming online :D
lol, i have to maximize my game play tho due to limited day that i can play.
it's not that sis forbid me to play it but because my sis` computer space is already full, so i can't copy the game's data to my computer and i have to play it with my friend's flashdisk so yeah. i can only play 3 days yesterday. FML T__T

lol, i admit i'm so addicted right now so if i can play, i have to play.

and because of my addiction in not the right time and situation, my college is somehow a lil bit neglected and kevin is mad at me because he said that i totally forgot him if i got something new. uhh, quite a massive arguement though between me and him last night and today. but everything's okay nao :) cause i've give my flashdisk back to my friend so no more playing :( sucks, sucks.


yesterday me and sis went to hanamasa to eat. i was liek BUFFET!!! YAAAYYYY!!!! mode already lolol :D it was cool though, thinking about the first time you go to a buffet, and you can eat as much as you can .. lol. heaven.
so me and sis used taxi and went to sports mall @ around 12 or 1. and when we got there, boom. totally dissapointed T__T
crowded liek hell.
and we have to wait liek for 40+ minutes and just fyi, me and sis purposely didn't eat from the night before just to eat satisfyingly at hanamasa.
so we waited.

and then finally.

the eating time has come and i was likeee HUUUUAAAA!!!!!! running and snatching food. err okay not that exaggerating lah, but still kinda like that lah.
so we went to take the raw meat and choose what we wanna cook.
sis was liek taking so much delicious food to cook and i was liek taking so many maek nauseous food cos i still don't know and still a noob and buffet thing T__T
so we just took liek, 3 plates of raw meat.
and 2 of them is from me, took some make naseous food thingy.
and we were full as hell.
actually still want the grill part of meat but yeah that time i was full already.
and my tooth ache.
fuck so not at the righht time. hahahha

soo after that we took fruit. sis was taking so much fruit liek ! whole plate ah :D
i was taking mangoes only. their mangoes are liek , THE BEST.
uhh, well every mango is best tho.
only theirs is much more fresh and finally i eat something fresh at jakarta. lol

so we went home and i ayodanced a lil bit more cos imma retur the flash disk tomorrow already. lol
FML T____T

well i think that's all for nao ~

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