give me some love love love.


image by me.

i got another award from my cybermate, Eun.
do you made that yourself?
if the answer is yes, then imma bow down to you, hunie D:
cos that award is a bomb.


btw i still not sure whether this background is cool for my blog.
my sis said its awful, but i think its cool :(
what do you guys think? :(
seriously, be honest D;
i know you guys are all lying to me because you guys dont wanna make me sad. :D lol
but if you guys do really honest, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D :D :D

i will keep it as a background if more people said its pretty than people that said its ugly. :3
omg am my english fucked up ?
pardon, i've been online here for 24 hours non-stop, you know :D
i can't help, it's weekend ;D

and people, i had made my second pixelart.


i made it at ameba, and i feel great >:D
i wont ask for your opinion though, cause i kwo it still look like crap.
but i still wanna flaunt it. >:D
lolololol jahahahaha i think imma maek some more later.

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