How to add comment code.


image by me.


i got nothing to blog today, cause my everyday life is the same, and there's nothing special happening today, except that i had slept for the 2hours of English class. :D
seriously, i'm so tired that time.
i was sleeping around 1 am last night, and i have to wake up today like 6am in the morning? D:
no average people can do that. even you. i bet.

so when i was checking my tagboard for you guys message, one of my lovely cybermates, Rachel, asked me what is the code for comments. well since i know the code, i'll tell you, honey. fear not! im kind. :D

so you put this code on the place where you want the comment button to be:

or this one :

you see, the difference from both codes stated above is that the comment count and the comment button from the first one is separated while the second one is not.
i make it clear just in case you guys don't know how to set it. :3

if you wanna put your code under your posts like me,
go to dashboard, click template and find <$BlogItemBody$> (if you have difficulty finding that word, hold Ctrl and press F, insert that word on the provided place and you will found it), and place the code under it. don't forget to add <br> for a separator between your post and your comment button. :3
oh and of course, you can set the align too for a better view. :)

you can change the "comment(s)" word into all sorts of things, whatever you like it. :3
if you wanna change the button into picture, just replace the word "comment(s)" with this code below :

plus, you guys can set who can comment on your blog or how should the comments appear on your blog with the settings.
you guys know where the setting is, right? D:

go to dashboard, click edit settings, and click the comments tab. and you'll see lots of options there for you to choose. :3

i'm not really good at english but i hope you guys understand what i mean.
and hopefully it helps you guys. :3

if you got problems or whatever rantings or maybe you want me to help you with other codings, comment, okay? :DDD
i'll help if i can.
the comment button is right below this post, beside the back to top button.
if you don't see it, i must say you are blind.
thankies :3

P.S : sorry people just now i forgot to tell you where should we place the code >___<
i apologize especially to Rachel D:

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the tutorial! I've learn a lot! (: Wanna link ex? I'll just link you anyway!

  2. welcome sweety! glad my tut is useful :DD
    sure! linke me fisrt and i'll link u back asap <3

  3. lol only one lymx :DDDD
    this is the first tuts haha

  4. lol only one lymx :DDDD
    this is the first tuts haha

  5. lol only one lymx :DDDD
    this is the first tuts haha

  6. omg i spammed on my comment form :|
    damn internet :x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thank you! It's helpful ;) Yaaay.

  9. Susan, I need your help! How to insert/embed the comment box in the permalink page like yours?

  10. Maybe this link will help you