as hot as a fire, as strong as a tree.


miaaahhh, it's a random post i'm making.
you see, it's midnight now but i'm still awake, i wanna sleep but i can't :/
insomnia? maybe.
nocturnal? definitely.

so imma be posting a lot of doodles that i've been draw lately.
enjoy :3
well if not, i don't give a damn too.

this is my dans L'amour doodle with a pari-ish style that i draw which don't look like a mademoiselle at all and what's more the L'amour got no leeter "u" in it D:

my chio-ish doodles.

my Kevin sign doodles yaaay :'D
actually it's not that good, the pic's kinda mess cos i dont really focusing. :/

my school girl anime =___=
i know, noob. shut up.

witch that i drew last time at my class table, when i'm bored :DDDD
yeah, copy me and i will wish you look like this.

woops, the emo side of me :D

and yes, people, that photo above my post is me. =_______=
i took it this afternoon when i'm waiting my Harry Potter movie to start.
i doodled my mouth cos i look like damn fugly there, with my shocked expression D:
just wish me can sleep, kays.

love, xoxo love

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  1. ahh! you're really good!

    i guess, you're good in everything :D

  2. omg no hun D:
    im not good in evrything =___=
    im more like jack in all trades :(

  3. jack of all trades, master of everything! :D

    while me, jack of all trade too! :D
    master of nothing! :P haha

  4. naaahhh hunnn xD
    no im still a noob, sriously, cpare to others :(