please do request some banners here!
we need requests for our graphic website! :D

thank you <3

more pic @ SPV.

HI people!
omg no long time no see, eh?
i miss you guys so much!
unfortunately lately i got no time to blog cause final semester exams is gonna coming and my assignments are piled up!
after posting this i still have to work on 2 of my assignments cos the deadline is tomorrow ~
time is chasing me like hell! so i have to keep up.

anyways this is gonna be my quick post.
im sorry if i dont reply you guys tags, okay?
i apologize so much. i just don't have the time.
anyways im going to be very free at December; so keep tagging and commenting, okay?
i promise i'll reply all later!

love you guys a ton, especially my partner-in-crime Lmyx ;D

bye-bye everyone, and don't forget to visit my graphic website!


i still can't believe that Google had rejected my proposal.
i don't even know what's wrong with my blog.
it looked fine, and i didn't stal anything from others.
well maybe Google don't wanna accept personal blog for ads, i guess?
No matter what i am going to try again till i got the approval, though.

This afternoon i chatted with Lmyx on the Yahoo Messenger.
She's so funny. We had a lot of fun, and we got along with each others.
what's more, her graphics are all awesome and i can't wait for her to post another one!
Unfortunately she's going to her relative's house for 3 days or more now so no batches from her till' she got back. :(

Our graphic site is so far so good, but yet we still need more makers!
this graphic site needs at least 3 makers.
Max 4 makers. and currently only two of us. Me and Lmyx.
so whoever wanna join please do comment here or tag!
and i'll tell you the steps to be our official maker.

visit our graphic site:
we need more traffics! :D
support us!


Lately i'm getting bored with my current skin and background.
i got a lot of compliment which i appreciate alot but you know, if you face the same things for weeks you'll definitely get bored, right? no matter how cute or nice it is.

So what do you think guys?
should i change my blog background, or even blogskins?

give me feedback, okay.
i want to know you guys reactions.

what do i wanna change my background into?

well since i got pink blogskins for my blog, i might consider leave the background plain white with some flower brushes at the bottom, like my graphic site.
but the only problems that bother me is that everytime i browse for a flower brush set on deviantart, they all uses .ABR format which i dont understand at all on how to open it and extract it.
different from .zip which is easily to open, .ABR is more complicated and it requires Photoshop to open it.

If anybody who knows how .ABR format works please comment me below, okay?
i really need your help. Feedback really is appreciated.
Thank you so much! :)


Okay back to my personal life again now.
Today is 27 November and final semester exams starts on 10th December.
honestly i don't even know what to study? cause from the start we only learn how to draw manual and stuffs.
maybe on exams we are going to be asked to draw manually? so yeah no need to study.
but still i'm kinda afraid my IPs gonna be fatal.

assignments still piled up like hell which i dont know where to start.
i am so addicted to blogging now i can't even stop!
besides blogging i am dying to achieve adSense approval too, of course.
Overall i just wanna try to earn something from my hobby.
is that even wrong?

Kevin got no phone credit from yesterday.
we had lost contact for 2 days.
i hope he's fine there and eat well, live well.
i admit i miss him, and of course i wish he miss me too. :(
Next Thursday's gonna be our another big day so i don't wanna screw anything up.

well i think that's all for my blabbering now?
i wanna go try making my assignments now, hard to let go blogging even just for a while but i'll try.

leave me comments and tag okay?
if i have the opportunity to reply i'll definitely reply to you guys.
i love you all.

i can't believe it.
google adsense rejected me.
i don't even know what's wrong with my page!
i need Lmyx. HELP MEEE D;
im dying already.


and we got our first maker on Special Pour Vous!
Let's welcome Lmyx :DDD
ahh yea. i guess no surprise. she appears like in every of my post. :P
but she is BOMB.
she do graphics well.
welcome and congrats hunnie! ;D

and if you need banners and icon now you can simply fill out form HERE.
Do request, okay?
we are doing a lot of Christmas thing right now due to the coming of Christmas. :D
so don't be shy!
if you need christmas banners or icons do visit our website and use our graphics or even request :D
we will surely be very glad if we got feedback from you guys.

Love, xoxo <3
i got another award from Sonia, i forgot this is the fifth one or the fourth one.
Thank you Soniaaa :D

it's an open source blog spot award which i don't quite understand what it is :/
what's this, Sonia? lol

Here are the rules:
1) Accept the award
2) Post it in your blog and tag the blogger who granted you the award
3) Pass the lovely award to other bloggers that you've met along the way
4) Inform them that they have been chosen to receive the award

I want to pass it too:

- Lmyx
- Caryn
- Eun
- Stephanie
- Danielle
- Audrey

if you want the award, repost and relink with my name in it.


btw i've created my graphic site, people.
here's the URL

do visit, okay?
and i need makers to be my partner.
those who can use Photoshop, Photoscape and interested in joining please comment.
The comment box is right beside back to top button.
Thank you very much.

image by me.

hi guys, spending some time to blogging again now.
i'm glad someone had spend some of her time commenting on my comment boxes at my previous post to help me especially Lmyx.
lol i think you're gonna be in my every post hunnie cos u're the greatest xD

oh and also thanks to Eun-chan too. she also commented on my Comment box too. :3
thank you you guys <3
(check my Cybermates section to get their links)

so i got information from Lmyx saying that adSense can make us earn some $.
i've signed up already and i am very looking forward to it!
unfortunately, it takes like 1 week to get the approval.

i mean, wtf? 1 week? D:

i need my cold hard cash RIGHT NOW, and i wanna earn some $ right now!!
but oh well, since that is the rules, i have to obey it. :|
thank goodness it's not 3 months of waiting time like Lmyx, or else im dead already waiting unpatiently for the approval.


and people, i'm thinking about changing my URL as well.

it's not that i wanna change the susandwiasmorojati into other words, no.
i just wanna change the into other domains.
i wanna change it to

cos i'm thinking about my codes.
all my source code.
last time i saw a blogger stole one of my source code, and i dont wanna say who.
just self-conscious lah.
and i am surely not happy.
i don't wanna like confront to her cos i know she would surely say that she's not stealing my codes.
like i dont know what.

there are too many thiefs in this world, no matter how hard you escape from it.
so yeah, what can i do?

so i am thinking about changing my domains to, cos i can see that that domain can protect our source code and like, hiding it.
so nobody can steal it.
but i am thinking again.

is that domain supports adSense?
if it's not, how can i earn money?
i just signed up adSense, and what's more, i signed THIS unchanged URL to the adSense, i just remembered. =__=

what's more, is my traffic gonna be decreased?
and my cybermates too,
do they wanna relink me?
cause i can see sometimes they are too lazy to change it.
like it will kill them or what.

so how can i protect my source code?

its not like my blog is cool or whatever lah, but still it's my creation.
i designed it until it looks like this.
so i wanna protect it.

and no i will not disable right click or what, cos that only makes some of my viewers got annoyed and what's more, they can't take my banners so yeah.
i can't do that.

so if you guys know how can i protect my code WITHOUT using disable right-click or free domain,
tell me please, okay.
comment box is used for commenting, not decorating.
so make good use of it.

Oh, and FYI,
my link exchange is going to close at the First of January 2011.

so yeah, people.
if you wanna link exchange with me, DO IT BEFORE NEW YEAR.


btw people, just thinking.
i wanna make a graphic site.
but of course, i need a partner, or maybe two. or maybe even three!
so how people?
who wants to join me?

if i got partners, im going to launch one asap.
comment me if you're interested, okay?

image by me.

blogging has been a part of my life now,
i realized.
i'm so addicted to blogging, i dont even realize i have been neglecting my facebook and twitter and formspring for a long time, until one of my New York friends, Melissa said that we had not talk for a long time.
i guess blog is powerful. especially when you guys are with me.
with my blog.
and i mean yes, you all cybermaties, especially Lmyx and Caryn.

gee you guys sure make blogging my all time guilty pleasure.

i've always wanted to earn some cash on my blog, which i still don't know how to.
i've tried Nuffnang, the most used blogging ads ever used by bloggers.
But yeah, Nuffnang is not provided for Indonesian.
it's only for Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and America, if i'm not mistaken.
i've been searching a lot of websites too that provides service like Nuffnang, but boo, no results.

and i admit, i'm desperate for some money.
i wanna buy red contact lenses!!!

me want, so bad.

so if you guys who knows blogging services like Nuffnang, tell me, okay.

help me earn money please.


here comes my rantings about my life.
todays an ordinary day too, like others. nothing special.
i don't even know what to blog xD
me with Kevin is fine, no more arguing and others.
somehow, we know how to control ourselves to not too emotional when handling things already, especially him.
so we got like almost nothing to argue about now yaaaaay!

next thursday is our 1 year and 2months-versary.
i love him more every single day ~

i have drawn some doodles too this morning.

it's only one, but i still wanna share it to you guys, just in case you guys started to get kinda bored with my post.

the word says "just gonna stand there and watch me hurt?"
actually the word is inspired by Love The Way You Lie songs from Eminem and Rihanna.
you guys must have heard it before, right?
please don't say no.
so yeah, came this not so pretty pic and drawings.

besides that, today my lecturer asked us to draw a cloth with water paint too.
i was like wtf at the first time, but then came this pic comin:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *laugh of satisfaction*
that was like my second best drawing ever?
its so hard making great drawings.
sucks. :(

so yeah, nothing seems to really happen.
looking forward to my 1 year 2months-versary :3
teehee ~

ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO KNOWS BLOGGING ADS WEBSITE!!! D: D: (you dont tell me imma kill you)
like whats so hard just typing one or two words in my comment box?
it wont bite, let alone kill you or bitch slap you.
so yeah.
i stay up late and this is the result, people:

yellow smiley blinking

changing colour heart

it's all made by me, and animated by me. :)
don't ask me how to make one, search it.
use google wisely.
i've searched it for a long time too. :P

and yeah, if you wanna use it, ask first.
cos this is not for distribution.
LOL i found some funny pics for you guys to see.
i found it at tumblr and yeah its fucking hillarious.
i just can't stop laughing my ass off. xD xD xD

i mean, harry potter bad actors dancing like that?
found here.

Got this from here.
see i told you it was not good. U__U

OH ZOMG WOW that makes me think too.
found here.

AHAHAHAH FUCKIN HILLARIOUS i wonder how the girl in the pic react when she see this.
Found here.


OMG harry potter screwes everyone's mind LOL LMFAOO AHAHAHA

OMG seriously i find this two cats pic is scary, but kinda hillarious.
what's people doin in this world actually? @____@
same link.

same link.


omg i really should stop or else my blog's are going to be spammed by pic's now.
Gee, i should do this often.

miaaahhh, it's a random post i'm making.
you see, it's midnight now but i'm still awake, i wanna sleep but i can't :/
insomnia? maybe.
nocturnal? definitely.

so imma be posting a lot of doodles that i've been draw lately.
enjoy :3
well if not, i don't give a damn too.

this is my dans L'amour doodle with a pari-ish style that i draw which don't look like a mademoiselle at all and what's more the L'amour got no leeter "u" in it D:

my chio-ish doodles.

my Kevin sign doodles yaaay :'D
actually it's not that good, the pic's kinda mess cos i dont really focusing. :/

my school girl anime =___=
i know, noob. shut up.

witch that i drew last time at my class table, when i'm bored :DDDD
yeah, copy me and i will wish you look like this.

woops, the emo side of me :D

and yes, people, that photo above my post is me. =_______=
i took it this afternoon when i'm waiting my Harry Potter movie to start.
i doodled my mouth cos i look like damn fugly there, with my shocked expression D:
just wish me can sleep, kays.

love, xoxo love

image by me.

okay. so you guys don't even give me one single comment on my previous post.
i'm truly dissapointed. :/
but oh well, at least you guys still leave me a comment on my tagboard. :)

well, actually there have been a few people who keep asking me where am i come from.
can't you see there in my profile section?


i am an Indonesian and have been Indonesian for 17 years.
i live in Tanjungpinang, but i'm currently at Jakarta, studying at the college.
next time if you guys wanna ask me where i came from, read my full profile first, ok?
it won't hurt you guys, right?

to prove that i am an Indonesian, i'll blog this post with Indonesian.


hari ini gak ada kejadian istimewa apapun.
membosankan, dan seperti biasa aku harus ke kuliah menggunakan busway dengan perjalanan 2jam ato lebih.
capek banget! ;(
coba rumah ak gak di manggarai. deket2 kampus aja.
pasti asik.

hari ini cuma ada satu kelas, mata kuliah Sejarah Seni Rupa Indonesia.
abis mata kuliah itu, kami semua bareng-bareng nonton Harry Potter di PV (aku gak tau dimana tapi mereka nyebutnya gitu ya aku ikut aja).
awalnya aku gak mo ikut.
aku mikirnya "apalah harry potter tuh, mana ada seru2nya".
tapi damn, salah besar aku.
seru banget. dari awal cerita uda seru, walalu aku gak begitu ngerti beberapa bagian karena aku gak nonton harpot 5 ama 6.
Dobby mati. aku sampe nangis. ;(
bener-bener looking forward part 2 nya :)

aku ada 3 tugas. susulan, remedi nilai jelek ama tugas kelompok.
males banget. :/
rencana mo istirahat terus bikin tugas tapisampe sekarang aku belom ngapa2in. :D
hahahahaha parah. blogging blogging.
bener-bener bikin aku ketagihan banget deh kamu.
padahal gitu2 aja terus. :D

jadi ya gitu deh.

Kevin sampe marah ke aku, gara-gara aku gak balas sms dia dari jam 9an sampe jam 2an :(
aku gak sadar kalo dia ada balas sms aku!
udah nonton, baru aku ngecek hape, baru aku sadar.
sumpah, sayang.
aku gak boong.
kami uda baikan sih, tapi keknya dia masih marah ama aku. :(

yauda deh sgitu aja. aku mo cepat-cepat bikin tugas nih.
dadah. :) :)
dan kalo bisa, KOMEN DONG.
masak gak ada feedbacknya sih.
kalo gitu buat apa aku pasang tombol komen =___=
gak kepake, gak berguna. cuih ~


is my post above can be enough proof that i am an Indonesian? :)
if not, i don't know what to say anymore.
but actually not like 100% Indonesian, though.
more like half chinese, half indonesian.
so yeah. i can speak mandarin, and also teochew. :3

i've added a button at the upper right side, below the follow button.

can you see it, people? :D
wonder what that is?
check it out.
it's not a link so do not fear that it will load to a new page or whatever.


not brave enough?
this is gonna be my quick post cause it's early morning now, and i wanna get ready to go to college, but i spend some little time to post something here first, cause my hand is soo itchy i wanna post something right now.

today is the 24th Nov already. i can't believe time went so fast.
10th Decembers gonna be my semester final exams.
i don't even study yet, blah, instead of studying i waste my time blogging here EVERY SINGLE DAY.
but yeah, i love you guys and i love my blog so i don't give a damn.

what do you guys busy at right now?
exams too? or some other things, maybe christmas? :D
share with me, okay. i wanna know. :)
comment on this post to chat with me ~

and for you guys who just saw my blog for the first time or still don't know who i am,
dont be shy! just comment, i'm open for everyone, even anonymous. :/ :D
i will reply every single comments you guys posted. i promise! <3

yea i think that's all, i will post soon after i went home cos imma be watching Harry Potter so yeah, stay tuned people. :D

image by me.


i got nothing to blog today, cause my everyday life is the same, and there's nothing special happening today, except that i had slept for the 2hours of English class. :D
seriously, i'm so tired that time.
i was sleeping around 1 am last night, and i have to wake up today like 6am in the morning? D:
no average people can do that. even you. i bet.

so when i was checking my tagboard for you guys message, one of my lovely cybermates, Rachel, asked me what is the code for comments. well since i know the code, i'll tell you, honey. fear not! im kind. :D

so you put this code on the place where you want the comment button to be:

or this one :

you see, the difference from both codes stated above is that the comment count and the comment button from the first one is separated while the second one is not.
i make it clear just in case you guys don't know how to set it. :3

if you wanna put your code under your posts like me,
go to dashboard, click template and find <$BlogItemBody$> (if you have difficulty finding that word, hold Ctrl and press F, insert that word on the provided place and you will found it), and place the code under it. don't forget to add <br> for a separator between your post and your comment button. :3
oh and of course, you can set the align too for a better view. :)

you can change the "comment(s)" word into all sorts of things, whatever you like it. :3
if you wanna change the button into picture, just replace the word "comment(s)" with this code below :

plus, you guys can set who can comment on your blog or how should the comments appear on your blog with the settings.
you guys know where the setting is, right? D:

go to dashboard, click edit settings, and click the comments tab. and you'll see lots of options there for you to choose. :3

i'm not really good at english but i hope you guys understand what i mean.
and hopefully it helps you guys. :3

if you got problems or whatever rantings or maybe you want me to help you with other codings, comment, okay? :DDD
i'll help if i can.
the comment button is right below this post, beside the back to top button.
if you don't see it, i must say you are blind.
thankies :3

P.S : sorry people just now i forgot to tell you where should we place the code >___<
i apologize especially to Rachel D:
i've added comment button, people.

it's beside my back to top button, at the right side below my every post.
feel free to post some comments or just say hello :3
okies lav yah guys.

image by me.

OMG i just got back home and i saw all the replies from my cybermatties xD
i'm so happy!
thankew for all the replies, people!
you guys are the best, muah muah :D

please give me another round of applause because i got another award :3
it's from the pretty and sweet Lmyx.

if you wanna see her cool blog, just click the pic and it'll lead you to her bloggie. :3
it's called the awesomeness award.
idk what's so awesome about my blog, cause the posts is all about crap, but i'm so happy! :D
this is my fourth award already, on this weekend.
boy am i lucky or what? :DDDD
love you guys so much, you guys are awesome! xoxo


you know, lately i've been craving for two things.
it's been like weeks i've been craving this two things.

curious? :D

lol fisrt, i wanna dye my hair. SO BAD D:
as you can see it's listed on my wishlist beside this post, on the sidebar.
idk why? but i just really want to.
you see, there's a few dye colour in my mind though.
like purplish brown, reddish brown..
but what i really want, SO BAD, it's wayyyyy different than the two stated above.

i want to dye my hair like Hayley Williams, or Silver white, like Avril Lavigne.

yes, and i will show you guys hayley's and avril's pic just in case you guys are total geek and never see them.

This is my super idol, hayley.
she's my number 1, not to mention her hair that i crave so much.

my second idol, and not to mention her awesome hair too.
actually i wanna dye my hair blonder than hers though, more like almost totally white and snowie :3
but i know, that is impossible.
i'm an Indonesian and my face and my whole look will gonna be fucked up cos Indonesian people doesn't suit with Blond hair.
except if you have a really asian face, you can. :3

then this, this red contact lenses.
it's not that red anime kind, it's everyday use.

drum rolls people cos im going to buy that first one muahahahahahah!! >:D

lol that's my wish for this month and i hope i got both next month :3


people, have you ever met teachers or lecturers that bias or bribe students to get good grades?
now im going to rant about it.

you see, i got 2 lecturers, one is biasing students (see, i got proof. he once said like this "if i don't know and not close to you, how cani give you good grades?") and the other one like cash sooo much that looks like we have to give him some cash to get good grades (but i haven't got proof with this one).

i wanna scold and curse so much to that biasing teachers, you know?
i pay a lot of cash to get to study at the college leh, and of course i deserve god grades if i do well.
why should i close to you to get one?
fxck you, bad.
he said that we, students, have to be remembered by him and have to be more active to get his attention. also, we have to like text him. i mean, what the hell?

have you guys ever met that kind of lecturers or teachers?
if yes, share it on my tagboard. :)
tell me the story! D:

image by me.

i got another award from my cybermate, Eun.
do you made that yourself?
if the answer is yes, then imma bow down to you, hunie D:
cos that award is a bomb.


btw i still not sure whether this background is cool for my blog.
my sis said its awful, but i think its cool :(
what do you guys think? :(
seriously, be honest D;
i know you guys are all lying to me because you guys dont wanna make me sad. :D lol
but if you guys do really honest, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D :D :D

i will keep it as a background if more people said its pretty than people that said its ugly. :3
omg am my english fucked up ?
pardon, i've been online here for 24 hours non-stop, you know :D
i can't help, it's weekend ;D

and people, i had made my second pixelart.


i made it at ameba, and i feel great >:D
i wont ask for your opinion though, cause i kwo it still look like crap.
but i still wanna flaunt it. >:D
lolololol jahahahaha i think imma maek some more later.