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"i never liked the crowds. i never do."

yes, you can say, i hate the crowds. i never liked going out to concert or party or whatever. maybe because the chaos, or maybe something related to my self-esteem. yeah.

my self-esteem.

you can say i am very unconfident about myself, especially with my pimples which make me look like a shit walking down the street.
it seems like my pimples offend a lot of people.
idk why, but a lot of people who saw my pimples were like "omg! u got so many pimples!" or something like that.

last time when i use busway to go somewhere i met a lot of guys like, when they're in busway they're looking at me like imma something weird or what.
then when i was walking to another shelter and walk pass them, one of the boy was like "hahahaha ooowww!!!!" and etc, i didn't hear what he said again, but i heard slightly he said something like, "pimples" and "many".

that definitely kills my self-esteem to the bottom although the boys face looks like my granny's asshole.

well, uh, sorry if my pimple hurt your eyes.

but just for your info, i didn't want all this too, okay? so please just shut up.
i know you guys don't got any pimples and y'all faces are as smooth as egg but please respect me too!
imma human too, okay?
okay, maybe my profile says imma alien but that doesn't mean i refer to my pimples too, okay?
so just shut your fucking mouth up.

so, yeah. overall, i just wanna say that i really, really, hate, crowds.

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