woow (゚∀゚)
it`s been days since the last time i blog ~
miiiaaaahhhh i miss my blog >3<
i`ve been messing around on my bloggie skins , a LOT,
and look at her nao, all kawaii-ish and cheesy .. miiaaahahaha (‐^▽^‐)
but i like eet though ^ 3 ^
tee-hee ~

things happen a lot when i didn`t blog chuu !
i broke up (again!) with him , but thank God it`s over tho !
don`t forget tons of assignments, and assignments ..
nd my mah nasi-padang :3
i wuuvvss chuuu ~~~
tee-hee ~
nasi-padang is the best ~
yuum yuum ~

nao i`m just concentrating on my exam though .___.

hard . hard .

but i must work it out !
i must work hard !
this is mah choice of life ~
imma maek it the best ! miiiaahh ~ :3

espíritu espíritu !!
スーザンことができる !!

gambate ! xD

"Cherish me, i'll cherish you more"

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