om nom nom :D


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omg just woke upppppp T^T
soo late, i slept too much T^T
hahahaha bopiang lah, last night i went to senayan city with sis and her friend Lola mah. we were looking shoes for like 3 hours or more ah. and then only buy one shoes. :D tsk tsk tsk. women are so dangerous especially when shopping.
well, and you guessed it. i don't like tha whole shopping section and just sitting on a random chair i could found at the mall T^T hahaha. but some shoes are cute for me though :> just still not soulmates so yeah. no buy.

after shopping we went to mangga besar to find some food. you see, mall's food court is closed already so we have to find another place outside the mall to eat. and you know what, senayan city and mangga besar is wwwwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy far. thank god we use taxi and it's NOT DAYTIME. lol. or imma get traffic jam to death.

Lola suggest us to eat congee at Kamseeng Restaurant. she said the congee there are delicious. woaahh i'm okay to everything already lah. that time i was soo hungry i could eat anything. om nom nom :D lol. but when she said the congee there are delicious i still doubt it though. cos till now i didn't found any delicious food in Jakarta.
When we order food the menu is like wooaahhh, so many ah. me and sis are confused very mych and took like 30 min or more to order food. lol the waitress is patient tho xD

and i was wrong about the whole not delicious thing.

it was superb ! xD
wow lol. i really didn't expect it. it was super delicious. especially the cakue and the soy sauce chilli. omagah it felt like home, you know. i'm not exaggerate. it really is. everything tastes so perfect. lol
too bad i didn't snap some photos of the congee. my phone was dead that time. then what's worse. i was arguing with kevin about self-esteem. lol. but now it's okay already. don't worry :P

so overall, me, sis and Lola had a lot of fun last night at Kamseeng. we were like eating food for like 6 person's meal. 6 portion. seriusly. lol hard seeing other people who ate just a lil while us eating like a cow. lol.

and soo, when i got home, i was dead. sleeping and went to dreamland instantly.

forgive me for tha awfully english, okay.
i was lazy to use proper english so yeah, singlish ftw.
i think singlish is still more better than this wa. lol.
whatever lah.
if you guys didn't understand or like it i might consider using Indonesian next time. :)
Ciao ~

P.S : oh, og, looks like today imma post alot in this blog! just wait and see :D but if i don't nvm yeah :D

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