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OMG just nao my blog got viruses :O
like can you believe it lol. then when i check what's wrong, it's the singin' box which maeks my blog got malwared :D
so yeah. no songs for tha moment.

today we are asked to draw tress. again.
but this time perspective are suggested more than tha details.
not so great doin' perspective cus i still not really understand :< but kekei help me this time. :>
she explained it to me and make it sounds easy. thanks kekeei :D xoxo ~

today i saw a lil black kitty lying weakly on the ground near a store besides my campus.
omg she is liek, soo weak.
can barely move.
then my simpathy moved :(
i go and buy a milk for tha poor lil kitty and give her a drink.
at first she was like dont wanna drink it but then she drink it like it's frm heaven bcos of tha smell :D
so cute ~
my friends all said that kitties shouldn't drink milk from cows.
they said it will harm the kitty more.
kekei said "by giving the milk to the kitty you just killed it" .
omg i was like soo worried. then they continue telling stories bout what abusive things thay or people near them made to cats.
omg . i cried instantly liek tears running down to my eyes without me knowing it.
my friends all liek "OMG sooryyy" and blablabla .
lol .
i didn't expect me crying too though :D
i guess i love cats too much, aye?

today didn't talk much with kevin.
he's somehow a lil sensitive :(
or maybe me.
i hope nothing happens :>
still love him like usual.

well i think that's all.
still have homework to do tomorrow morning with julie and eve soo yeah, gotta wake up earlt and go to campus earlier to draaww so have to sleep earlier so i can wake up tomorrow ~
well fml . haha .

ciao then .

P.S : i love how 11 - 13 kids can make blogskin and make blog as good as experts :D well not really liek experts but at least they can do better than me ! liek this blogskin :D it's made frm a 15 year-old kid ! can u believe that. her name is caryn :)

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