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taraa ~
as i said before, i will change my skin cos i'm fed up with the previous one and the back ground is black.
and this is it! white background with a lot of icon splash :D
well, i like though, i do. but somehow there's a few things which i changed it a little, so yeah. here it is :)
everything's prefect though, until i make the back to the top button to scroll.

fuck, it don't wanna scroll, like, it's not working.

i am already like dkfjsdlkjsdkflksdfjKSDFJLKSDFJLKSDFJ aaarrrggghhh :(

i hate it when this happens.
everything is perfect until something happens and screw up everything.
i feel liek wanna cry ;(
hate it.

hope i can find the root of te problem soon and fix everything.

today was supposed to be my special day with kevin too.
cos today we wanna like webcaming and play games together.
but the internet today was like shit, and my webcam is not working.

and he's mad at me.

so we didn't talk until now.
well, it ain't my fault, right?
don't blame me, okay!
i don't want this to happen too!
FML ;(

and what's making this day a whole lot worser?
i don't have money left so i just eat one meal today and tha meal is also noodles.
and the water supplies is empty too.
so i was like suffering todayyyy.... ;(( ;((
and sis hasn't come back from her show.
so yeah. idk..

maybe i'll consider this one of my worst day of my life?

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