new hairstyle :(

so this evening i went to ambassador to cut my bushy hair and o to buy groceries.
i went to johny andrean to cut my hair, and yes you guessed it, i`m nervous.
i`m nervous cause i still don`t know how it will turn out.
my hair is ummm somehow very wavy so not many hair style suits me.
last time i cut my hair like a boy and it turn out omagaaahhh >___<
i don`t even wanna think it anymore hahahaha but that time it turn out good when it got longer.
ok back to the topic.
so my hair was washed, cleaned with conditioner and such , then come the cutting part !

jeng jeng jenngg ...

i was so afraid my hands got very cold.
it`s common for me already cause i always like that =___=
so abnormal.

okay okay so i asked the stylist to cut my hair bob and look like rihanna (tha style where her back part hair was short then long at the front one) but somehow i think the stylist didn`t get what i`m saying @___@

so this is rihanna`s hairstyle which i want my hair to look like

and this is what my hair look like now @__@

i knoooowwwww i knoooowwwww @___@
looks like helmet , look like changcuter , whatever you guys said laaaaaaaa ~
i`m not too satisfied too with the result , a bit dissapointe though but still fine laa ..
hahahaha (forced laugh)
imma make it work though somehow >:|

hope no one mocks me when i go to campus T____T
i felt like everybosy is looking at me when i done cut my hair , weird look like 'wtf??!! pfftt' that kind of look T___T



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