my cut and paste work ~


voilla !
after days of lazy-ing and online and a little time for this ,
i`ve made it !
my cut and paste work !
lol :))
not pretty much pretty huh ?
but somehow i like the theme and the words :P
that`s the title of this work !
well it can be used for a lot of things though , such as for makeup products , or whatever , because it shows and explains that every eyes are on you because you are pretty or confident !
well i think it`s like that .___.
i`m not really good at explaining though :(
huhh forgive me ~

and i also apologize for the unwanted flash on the lower right side of the work though !
i snapped it under my lmp so the lighjt came down right at my work +___+
silly me ~

well i think that`s all !
i hope later i`ll be posting some of my work again and hopefully , every single day it gets better ~
yaaayyy :))


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