mehh :/
you know what? im starting to get bored with my current skin. i think imma change it again.
yea. changing blog is my actual interest than blogging things :D
today i went to campus. we study like usual again. this time our lecturer asked us to draw trees, using a pen instead of pencil. gee :D
i mean like, i still make lot of mistake wooh using pencil, and now you asked me to use pen? lol idk what will my creation look like lah later :P
then we went to draw downstairs outside the class. this is my drawing result


you must be wonering now right where is the pic?
well, i didn`t upload it.
the uploader are like shit today so i didn`t upload it.
i'll upload it later, okay? be patient.

so after drawing wewent home.
when im otw home the rain falls down.
gee, i love the rain but the time it falls really is not right.
because of the rain busway people are totally crowded and i met a pervert.
what's more. the pervert are like tiny lil man, and it got like bentol all over his body.
how do i say bentol in english? sorry.
disgusting? i know right.
i was like standing beside him! can you imagine.
he was like smiling pervertly to me but i pretend not noticing. then he was like putting his hand down the holder and then touched my hand few times.
seriously, i freaked out that time.
i quickly turn behind and ask people who stand beside me to swap position.
thank God the man behind me wants to do it and change position with me.
i was like, thank Godddd :D

but no, the nightmare havent ended yet.
when i on my third transit (OMG how do i say transit in english) i saw him agaiiinn D:< i thought i lost him, for God's sake. he was like standing a lil far away frm me this time and i noticed he was staring at me. i really am freaked out that time. then i decided to go down at pasar rumput. and guess what. HE WENT DOWN THERE TOO. he`s nearer with the door so he went down first. me, who are ready to go down get shocked and freaked out. so i stopped a while and decided to go down at manggarai instead. shit, stop stalking me asshole, i thought. so i went down at manggarai and went home safely. seriously, that was the first time a pervert make me go scared like that. why in this world got so many perverts ha ? if you wanna get some sex, son of a bitch, go to prostitution and find a lonte to serve you.
not touching girls in busway, assholes.

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