listen, baby


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"let me fill each part of your heart with my love, baby" :)

you are the one, i know you are.
although everybody's saying "you and him are never be together" and so many people dislike and dissaprove our little romance, but well, fuck them. i know we will be forever.
i cherish every single time and day with you cause i feel happiness and warmness from you.
baby, i love you. i do.

i would do anything just to be with you.
well, i don't care if somebody's saying i'm cheesy or to naive or what.
i want you. and i have to because i want to.

so many tears, so many laughter, so many feelings and memories have been inti this relationship. although it's only like a year. and people say it's just like a tiny simple relationship that can end easily. i feel like forever. i feel happy, and i feel like the happiest girl in this world.

baby, i hope we can be together like, forever till we die.
i really love you :(

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