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today i didn't go to college. i'm sick :) sick of the journey of 2 hours or more. i miss everything i the college but not for the assignments. my assignments is like piled up again :(

  • drawing trees on linen with dermatograf which should have been submitted today but because i didn't go to college i got more time to do it right
  • a pile of questions which need to be answered about creativity and submit on monday
  • asistensi of gradien which have to be submitted on monday too so monday got two assignments
  • english presentation and homework from the lecturer which i still don't have a clue and needs to be asked
well i think it's just that. but that makes me stressed out already, like seriously. i rather take UTS everyday than assignments like this :( but oh well. that's tha life of university.

i got no credits to text kevin :( he still doesn't know i skip class. i miss him. if only he knew i didn't go to college. he must be phoning me right now :( miss you a bunch kevin. look at the picture above and you'll know how much i fucking love you.

omg finally i found my ducky mask again D; i miss it. it was like gone for a week or more and i've been searching everywhere but no result until this morning sis swiped her towel away and its hidden behind sis` towels :|i was like *hegfherkthqerhtioerhgarhgsrhgs blaarrrggg horrayy :D* (a mix of anger and happiness)

oh oh. sis' shoes got stolen too today :( she said it's expensive too and she just washed it yesterday. poor her :( owner's oil got stolen too. i wonder which asshole did that. what a freak.

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