i miss him .
suddenly i miss everything about him .
i miss the time when we laugh together for something silly, the time when we cry together, and the time where we first met ..
i miss his smell, miss his sound.
i miss the image of him right in front of me, smiling in front of me.
i miss how he kiss my forehead, and whispers me `i love you` ..
everything sound so peaceful ..
i never felt that happy in my life when i'm with him.
i really wish we don`t have to argue every single day like this.
i hate it.
i don't wanna argue anymore with him, because i love him.
if i have to wait 10 more years for him, i'll wait.
i know my waiting will come out to something someday...

i really sorry for hating you before, i'm at fault.
you're my life, i shouldn't have hated you.

now i know why my life sucks.
i don't have you anymore...
the old you.
i don't have it anymore...
i wish i have it back.
i wish i have the old you, the cute and innocent you without anger or hate.
i wish our love is as blooming as before...

i miss you, baby.

"Cherish me, i'll cherish you more"

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