i love rainbowie text like this :D

teehee :D
so you can say i`m damn bored and i`m trying new html thingies.
i like to browse dynamuc drive and rainbow arch tho, they provide lots of html things for blog suck as scroll bar and such.

and try clicking at my back to top button (for you all who dont know where is the back to top button, you can see the flower beside this post box, right? that's the back to top button)! :D
it scrolls perfectly :D
yaaayy, cool right ?
i found the code at umm, secret :P
my sis said "it's impossible ah you gonna have scrolls liek that. its hard" but bam!
i have eeettt ~ :D
so yeah. i'm the type of person who suits the quote "curiosity kills the cat"
although i don;t know exactlt whats the meaning of that quote.

so yaayy , today i feel randomly excitd and happy.
i played wild ones, webcam, and phoned with him which we no longer have fights with, and hopefully, it lasts like this forever :*

yea yea crap i know, what can i do? i like posting crap and spam my blog with useless posts :D
spam ftw! woohooo ~

umm, a little P.S, my friend are having a conflict for the first time ever on facebook.
with each other.
so idk, hope this will end faster :)
i love them all, really.
i dont want this friendship to end dramatically like my previous gtoup, mac.
yhh, you ask what is that?
i prefer not to talk about it.

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