i am sooooo fed up by all this war. i hate being in an argument for a long time like this! god, when will this get over??!!
we have been fighting for 2 days. and it`s all because of that stupid meaningless photo that he said it`s very heart-breaking. omagahhhh!
will you please get over it honey?
that photo is nothiinnnngg!!!
okay laa, so it looked like me and my guy friend are love or whatever lah, but that`s a PHOTO, okay. that`s not even reality.
you don`t even see what is happening here!
and you always believe what you believe, and don`t wanna hear other people`s thought.
like, come on.
if you can`t even trust me for a single bit, this long distance relationship gonna be over soon.
i bet you.

exam that require studying finally has been over.
i really am so relieved. きゃー
tomorrow is PSRD, only have to submit work, and my work is already done. 心
yaayy ~
then it`s holiday 'til next monday.
i can`t wait to have a rest.
living in this super big city is really tiring. ううっ...

this afternoon i ate cornello ice cream, strawberry flavoured~ いちご
yuumm yuumm.
i never thought strawberries would be that yummy!
hahahah lol gonna put strawberry in my favourite list i think.

oyaaa i forgot, i saw a family of black and white cats this afternoon after my exam IN MY CAMPUUSSS!!!!
miiiaaahhhh ~ キャッ☆
there are mommie, and idk how much kitties. all i know is a lot. maybe around 4 to 5.
it`s all black and white!
and what`s more, i saw one of the kitties got black colour only at his head, and it`s belah tengah (center parting?) kind!!! and the rest of the body is all white キャッ☆
soooo cute i wanna take all of them back to my hauussss~ *scream*  キャッ☆
but fat chance, my house owner are very loso, and her kids got athsma so can`t raise a cat. なく
but i think the cat family will be living in my campus for a long time!
looking forward to see them everyday~ 心
miaah miahh.
i love cats soooooo much!

P.S : DO NOT eat nasi padang at cantina ever again! they serve you leftovers! ムカっ
you know what? i got leftovers. TWO EFFING TIMES. the first time i still think "okay laa, never mind la" then for god sake, the second time??!!
i ate leftover cincang for two times
the first one is soury, and the second one is cold.
fuck nasi padang on canteen.
i still thought you guys nasi padang tastes like heaven.
now i don`t think so anymore!!!
btw the price are also like eff.
who could sell one whole itsy bitsy perkedel for like 5K?!!
i just realized it now, god stupid me ウキャー!
pokoknya, no more nasi padang on canteen miaaahhh!!!

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