holiday is coming yaay!
i`m soo happy, soon i`ll do alot of eating and sleeping ONLY. lol hahah so happy today.
me and kevin are like newly got steady people. sayang-sayangan for the whole day. hahahah :P
my exam only 2 days left, and there`s no need to study kind of exam, just drawing.
lol god. i don`t have to take busway for the next 4 days coming. soo relieved and happy!

you ask why am i so happy, after all it`s just a busway only?
you try lah, try go to your destination using busway.
you gotta like rush and push yourself to catch the busway or else you gonna miss it.
why like that?
you ask indonesian people lah.
they don`t know how to queue.
they don`t even know the word antri.
they just fight and rush for themselves.
like it or not i have to play the game too lah.

there was once i take the busway, and i got no place to sit so i just have to stand.
then at some random shelter, a pregnant lady came in.
the tummy was like woaah, so big.
and the busway staff said "please give this pregnant lady a seat, please", then for god damn sake, NO ONE FUCKING CARE, AND NO ONE GIVE THE LADY A SEAT.
they just stare the old lady and give a fucking look that says "why i have to give this bitch a seat? i got this seat first, and i deserve it"
i thought, "WHATTT???!!!"
you guys don`t fucking simpathic to this lady meh?
she`s carrying a baby inside her tummy, okay.
how poor is she when she have to hold her tummy while the other hand holds the hanger?
fucking inhuman people.
they are soooo selfish.
too selfish.
i know, you guys have worked so hard, then got no place to rest and blablabla...
but come on.
you have to fight a seat with a pregnant lady meh??!!
how lowlife are you.
go to hell.

then after that, a kind jilbab lady give a place to the lady.
thank god, there are still good people in this world.
fuck for all of the man who got seats.
they don`t give a seat to random woman who are standing?
okay lah. never mind.
god. may your children die at a younger age.
you all don`t understand how chi cham pregnant is meh?? don`t have a wife ah?? never study science ah??
god. not gentle at all. they should be called waria. although they look like a man.

okay lah. no more cursing. back to the topic.

so no more busway. no more 2 hours of journey to campus.
horrayyyy for me.
gotta eat and sleep and also playing games a lot.
hahahah :D

today i went to the campus using glasses. because last night theres a pimple; i dont know what that is but it looked like a pimple; at my eyes.
right at my upper side of eyes. at the kelopak. how do i say kelopak in english?
no, it`s not kelopok. it`s kelopak.
and it hurts, and itchy also.
so it`s inossible for me to use contact lenses, right?
then when i got into the campus, my friend was like "whoaaa susan, you use glasses?" "you look so different" and blablabla...

different meh?

is it more pretty or more ugly?
silly me still thinking that.
all i know is, why have to wear contact lenses la.
it`s only submitting your work, then go home mah.
so i don`t wear any.

after submitting my work, we can go home.
all my guy friends go to play basket, while the girls go to eat first.
lola take us to go to c3 canteen outside the campus that located beside the campus to eat because she said is cheap.
and indeed it`s a cheap place!
imagine, i ate chicken soup with rice and orange juice for drink and it only cost me 15.500!
if you eat at cantina in the campus that meal will cost you 25.00 ah.
umm, not that much la, but around that kind of price la.
what`s more, c3's food is good!
imma eat there often. save my money so that end of the month i can eat hanamasa.
huahahahahaahh ~

after eating at c3, we went to the basket hall and watch the guys plays basket.
it looked fun T___T
i wanna play, but i`m wearing tshirt and jeans.
what`s more, i am a GIRL and there are none of my girl friends who wanna play.
so i don`t play. T__T
FML for being a girl. *sob sob*

then, we all go home.
i have to face the fucking busway again for 1 hour and finally, got home.

sooooooooooo realieved and tired when i got home!
yaaayy for finished downloading drawn dark flight game.
hahahaha ~
ready to play loo.
then, out of nowhere,

my teeth hurts.

for the first time ever when i live in jakarta, my teeth hurts.
and it hurts like hell.
and yes, no doubt, it disturbs my time when playing drawn dark flights.


why hurrrrrtttt!!!!!

i even forgot to bring my toothache medicine to jakarta.
and now i have to sabar and tahan the pain and pretend there`s nothing happening (which is hard), and i can`t do anything about it.
somebody help meeeeee >___< and know, it still hurts. PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE ~

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