heh :D i can`t believe what is just happening today. Today is 20th Oct and Jakarta has this demonstration. i dont care what for and i don`t wanna talk about it too. im just thinking ; whats with the demonstration? is indonesia still not satisfied with how the reputation now meh? tsk tsk. cant stop thinking.
when i got home i phoned with Kevin. we talked alot tonight. and alot of memories haunt me again when i think of those days im on pinang. heh. bad memories. i fought with my friends, and are like... idk... stressed out. i hate them all.
i don`t really like them. they all are somehow... very kepo. every little thing that none of their business, they talk about it.
idk it`s a tradition or what, i dont like it!
my jakarta friends aint like that.
why they have to be like that?
i can`t understand...
actually in my mind, im planning on keep living in jakarta or at least somewhere else that very very far away from pinang. actually if i can, i wanna go far from indonesia. i wanna start new life there, have new family, and new friends...
i wanna leave pinang like, forever and ever, cause i hate people there. actually, im sick already...
if i can, i wanna live alone. just alone.


cant think straight liao....

okay, forget my crap...

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