FUCCCKKKK !!!!!!!!


so frustrated i am right now. done uploading ajie`s file but got reupload again. from 44mb to 0mb again. bitch. fuck fire ftp. AARRGGHHH *rage*
my head is hurtig today. again. this disease come to me again. i just stopped for a few weeks then it come again. wth? what is wrong with me actually? *sigh*
today is holiday. i didn`t go to college. for god sake i am sooo bored. i miss my friends. :( with them i really have a lot of fun. boo :(
i woke up around 11pm and realized that my room got no electric. then i went out and ask the maid. SHE SAID BLACK OUT. oh god do you know how frustrated that is? pinang always black out. now jakarta like that too? fuck.
i woke myself up finding mosquito bites all over my body. i hate it!! then i went to take a shower in the darkness. shit lah today. argh. then after i shower and eat i read epileptik graphic novel for a while, then went to sleep again. i am soo tired, and my head start hurting that time loh. my sis called me that time too and she asked me to upload some of her file which i mentioned above that says it`s reuploaded one. shit lah. i got no time to go online at all. ;(
then after i woke up, the electric has come. i quickly upload my sis` file which the instruction is very hard for me to do because i just woke up and my head still hurts like hell. god pressure totally went up ah. how can i eliminate my pimples lah? always stressed out like this.
then i upload it loh.
wait for like fucking hours to get it done. then after done uploading some stupid windows asking me that the file i upload had alrady exists make me go confused. exists? how come? i never upload it mah. and there are time on it to saying that this windows will skip automaticly in random seconds. i panic out and click overwrite and then BAM.
it has to reupload it.


you know how stress is it???!!!
i`ve waited the upload for sooo long waiting patiently for hours to go online and when it done uploading I HAVE TO REUPLOAD AGAIN???!!!!
oh, really ah. i wanna cry ahh.
now i`m helplessly waiting it reupload again loh.
and it`s only 41% niah.
fuck my life.
when it done upload ut`s already evening liao lah and it`s time for my sis to conquer the computer. and i only got like fucking few hours to play.
really ah... FML soo much today!
bored, frustrated, stressed out, headache, and no delicious food outside.
what can be worser that this?

oh oh oh, plus one more frustrator (hahaha since when got that word lah =___=)
kevin got no credit on his phone so we can`t text.
really woh?
what`s worser that today?

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