flash back memories

okay sooo it`s 3 am in the morning and this is the 928310841024701 time i can`t sleep early .
fml much ?
soo i was like online with no notification on my facebook and admiring my blog when suddenly my old friend (not old in her age but old in the time of our friendship haha lol) Sebol walled me saying hi, because coincidencely we two are insomnia.
soo i was like woooaaa my old friend ~
kinda miss the time when we were school.
she was the one who sits next to me.
soo for like 1 year she was close to me and i was like 'hey.. this girl is not bad for a bff'
but still she has a better bff than me so we just be ordinary friends.

i remember the time when we were naughty and never, i repeat never listen to any of the explanation from the teacher in front and we were like self-photoing everyday.
very much parah.
there are a time also when we were self-photoing the teacher noticed us and scolded us. =__=
hhahah that was epic but still , it was fun and memorable.

i also remember the time when she has an accident and my chair beside me was always empty :(
hahahaha fml that time i still has no blogs so i cant tell the story.
when she back to study she has a little bald spot on her head because of the accident.
hahahahahahah lmfao.
bald spot.
that really was epic.
everyone mocked her.
but still she was the loved one :)
not long after that i got into an accident too.
but of course without the bald spot.
somehow what`s happening to us kinda the same.
but yeah .. no biggie.

sebol is a fun person.
she is a friend of anyone. she never choose friends. she plays with everyone.
that's what i like about her.
she never hates and never fights.
although i'm not very much close to her or know her inside out, i'm happy to be her friend :)

that makes me also remember my other friend in pinang.
i wonder how are they ?
lol :)

but still friends in jakarta is the best :)
i <3 'em.

"Cherish me, i'll cherish you more"

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