finallyyyyy ~
done doing my hardest assignments うああん
although i still have to study for my exam tomorrow ううっ...

it`s sooo hard! we got called to draw or make something that represent ourselves, like our own pictures or our edited photos.
i make a girl wearing a checkered shirt, a brown trousers holding an envelope that can be opened べえ
not really satisfying cause it doesn`t represent me though ・・・
but that thingy took my 3 hours of timeee!!!! うああん
like it or not imma submit that thing むっ
lololol ~
here is the picchaaa ~

this is the first picture. the envelope has not been opened yet. it says : i`m` a creative designer! きゃー 

here is the second of my picture! the envelope has been opened. i made the envelope too small ムムム i can`t make it bigger. because it will cover up the girl`s face if i make it bigger. ムムム i make the hands too far also. so i can make the enve biiiggg 涙 

and here is the last picture of my work! i snapped it close up. BUT I FORGOT TO ROTATE ITT FOR GODDAMN SAKKKEEE ガクリ  it says : my name is Susan Dwiasmorojati.I am a creative designer because i use a lot of different line, shape,value, texture, and colour to create pictures with harmony, variety, balance, proportion,dominance, economy, and space! and that`s what i do as a creative designer ~

teehee にこ 
and that`s all for my work!
and now i have to study again. ムムム
i`ll blog when i have time later.

P.S : i fight with keviinn for the effing million times ウキャー! 
this time we fight because of some random photos i snapped with my guy friend.
and coincidencely my friend made a love between me and my friend so it looked like me and my friend are in love ・・・
God, and he already ignored me for a whole day now since yesterday!
i wonder what`s he thinking? 涙
i really don`t have a relationship with my friend beebeeeee!
can you please trust me! ウキャー!

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