everything went so smooth :3
i`m liking the day forward ~
i can`t believe being not in an argument with kevin can change my life this much.
everything seems brighter.. :')
oh thank you god.

i`m making a blog for ddeg and mbak. you can click their name and see it.
hope they like it though cos i really put so much effort in it :D
ddeg like froggie, while mbak like hello kitty so i use both their davourites on their blog skin.
tee-hee :]

for you guys who don`t know where to find good and cute blog skins you can find it at blogskins.com. they really serve you a lot of cute blog skin :D
and if you have any problems with html code or you messed up some of the code and you have no idea how to fix it, go to this website or go to this website for some help.
i learned so much on those two websites. :D

hope this article can be helpful for the two of my girlfriends ~
tee-hee x]

blog later ~

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