cant sleep cant sleep T^T now it's like midnight but am still blogging. haiyah never mind lah. tomorrow's holiday mah. blog some more lah :D
kevin and i are texting alot about our future. heh. idk bout that. i think just go with the flow. i still think theres gonna be alot of problems coming toward us. not to mention my mom. shes a total blaahh... idk lah. lets just see how much kevin would sacrifice for me. dont wanna talk much bout it.
college life is getting more exciting for me :) i feel very comfy with my friends now. i love them all. i never felt like this before in my whole life. best friends with a lot of exciting friends. unlike pinang, only got a few bffs and others are like kepoh queen. always talk behind people's back. here, you seldom hear people talking people's back. they are all individual. and i like that :)
im finding a new place to stay. near the campus. because my current kos are like blaaahh... sooo far from campus and i have to like take a journey for 2 hours till i got campus safely. im still finding though. i need to find a room that can fit me and sis and if can with aircon loh. and of course low price which will be hard to find. hahaha :D fat wish ah cheap and got aircon. but whatever happens hope i found it loh :) then don`t have to take long trip for 2 hours again hahahahaa >:D happy. what's more it's near to 2 malls! no, 3 >:D but when kevin's here he have to take a long trip to my house loh if i move cos his oma's house is near my current house now :( sad sad.
pardon me for my singlish ah ahahahah very tired to think of proper english now.
okay then i think that's all from me.. still wanna download songs to my phone loh hahaha.
hope the internet dont sucks bad.

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