as usual, tireedd :D
today i went to find a kos with vivian. gee, there's a lot of good ones but the price oso good too :D
i like one with minimalist design and big room, but the price, omagah it's 3juta :D
and the average price for a kos is 1juta or ++ fer hundred K.
lol. and the last that suits my view is vivan's. the price is ijuta and 2hubdred fifty. sis said i can move there but the money for kos i have to find it myself :( means i have to work. vivian ask me to work at starbucks or breadtalk together but idk... i still afraid of working :( idk, there just a feeling frm me that makes me go a lil confused. idk too how i explain it? the point is, im afraid. still got no experience :(

blaaaaaaaahhhh ~
idk lah

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