there`s pimples!
in my face!
i can`t understand why pimples like me sooo much!
i washed my face regularly;
i drink alot of water;
but sttttiiiillll!


i`m really having trouble with my self esteem if this gonna take a long time to heal.
thank god kevin still accept me the way i am!
i am sooo loving him.

how can i get rid of this stupid parasites?

i have used ponds which people say can curre pimples; a LOT times,
but still no result.
i have used potatoes which i found the tips on the internet, but still!
i even went to the doctor!
but this pimple still stick at my face.
for like fucking a year or more.
what should i do?
i can`t face the world if this keep on going!

i really am believing in miracles now.
hopefully miracles happens on me.
on my face.

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