what would you feel if your boyfriend hates everything that you wanna do ,
always disagree etc ,
but then suddenly ,
out of nowhere ,
he just change 180 degrees and become this little angel that you can`t resist ? :-|

well , if you never felt it before , i do .
and i tell you , it`s weird :-|
soooooo weird .
i mean , he don`t even tell me why he changed !
hhhmm i don`t know ,
maybe he already woke up from his evil part and then realize he`s too cruel to me ? :-?
jiaahh , whatever ~

the important thing is ,
i like his changes :">
i really do ,
and i like how sweet he is now :">
it`s like , everything become as sweet as the first time we dated !

lol , i don`t know what happen ,
but i like itttttt <3 <3 <3
hopefully everything goes like this forever WITH reasonable reason a , beebee :-w

susan & kevin
02 October 2009

i don`t know what it`s called
but this feeling ,
this sweet feeling in my heart ,
i don`t wan`t anything to change it .
i want it inside my heart ,
always ,
until the end of our lives .
i love you


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