My dirty house .

Updated via low quality phone *grins* You know what ? This place i live in for a few months already has a really2 bad points for hygiene . None of the rooms have cleanliness , well not none , maybe still have a lil' bit of cleanliness la . You ask why neh ? And not convinced ? Well let me tell you la how dirty it is . Lately the toilet has the most points for filthiness . Why ? Imagine la , you go in , preparing to take a shower , then suddenly you realize that there's a dozen of small tiny annoying flies flying around the bathroom , preparing to see you naked . How uncomfortable is that you think ne ? "don't your house have a maid meh ?" Yup , sure , of course my house DO have a maid la . But believe me , the maid doesn't change anything . I dont really know whats she doing here in this house too , really , besides laundrying and ironing our clothes . Okay , back to our topics . If you still can tolerate that fly creature in your toilet , you definitely gonna scream 'eeewww' after reading what i saw below this text . Yesterday , as you see , i blog until liek midnight and when i wanna pee , i saw this creature , this brown creature with antena near the kitchen . Yes , COCKROACH . And whats makes it worse , THE COCKROACH IS IN A PAN , with leftover food in it . Eekkh i was like eewww though , and like ran away . Thank God the room i live dont have many creatures , just ants and lizard . This house really needs a serious improving of hygiene , or else no one would really want to live here for a long time kai la . Photobucket

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