morning trash FTW .

lol imma stop talking bout CPs . they really are a waste of mah time .
now it`s time to talk about mah love life :3
im soooooooo in love with kevin ~
yes i do , and i do realize too i randomly hates and loves him over and over again .
but i think that`s normal !
cos that`s what dating is all about :3
just now (i mean at around 11 pm) we talk about mah pimples (which just don`t talk about it) and then he`s comforting me over and over again and he try to make me be confident to mahself .
i mean how sweet is thaaattt ~~
that is soo sweet of him for staying up late just for cheering me up :3
but that`s not the point , what i want to say is when we talk about how we first met .
OMG i wuuvs hiiimmm ~~~~
he said he stared at me for a long time which i stupidly didn`t realize .
i mean , he stared only me , in a crowd full of other pretty gals , he stared only me !!!!
the one and only me !!!!!!
lolololol ~
i was sssooooooooo lucky ~
i didn`t expect that i was soo special in his eyes .
now imma love him more that i used to .

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